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Enveloped in the warmth of the Andalusian sun, Almería nestles on Spain's southeast coast, blending an intoxicating mix of ancient Moorish charm and modern vibrancy. This Mediterranean jewel, once a flourishing trading hub, invites you to carve your own path through its storied past and sun-soaked present.

Whether you're seeking the pulse-pounding thrills of water sports, the radiant heat of an untouched beach or the tangible silence of a centuries-old castle, Almería won't disappoint. With its distinct landscapes, unforgettable cuisine, and unique cultural treasures, Almería promises an idyllic escape from routine life.

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Things to See and Do

In Almería, the past and present effortlessly coexist, offering a fascinating exploration of cultural treasures and modern pleasures. Here's a look at some must-visit attractions in this Andalusian haven.

Museo de Arqueólogico de Almeria

Uncover history in the Museo de Arqueólogico de Almeria: Embark on a voyage through time with this contemporary museum’s sweeping collection of archaeological riches seamlessly arranged across four floors. This interactive cultural time capsule is a true testament to Almería's storied history.

El Palmeral Beach

Enjoy a day at El Palmeral Beach: With golden grains under your feet and azure waters teasing your senses, El Palmeral, a Blue Flag-designated beach, revels in delighting every visitor. Located near the heart of the city, it promises a much-needed break amid compassionate services and accessible amenities.

Almeria Walk of Fame

Celebrate Cinematic Heritage at Almeria Walk of Fame: Echoing the iconic Hollywood Walk of Fame, Almería's own walk of stars honours the city's cinematic legacy. Spot a favourite celebrity’s star or discover a new idol – the choices are endless.

Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park

Venture into the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park: Unearth the raw charm of Almería's volcanic heritage in this natural park. Its vivid landscapes create a mesmerising canvas for nature watching, hiking, and more.

Alcazaba of Almería

Explore the historic Alcazaba of Almería: Crowned atop a hill, the majestic Alcazaba casts a watchful eye over Almería's cityscape. A walk through its ancient fortifications promises a taste of the city's rich Islamic and Christian history.

Food and Drink

Almería promises a gastronomic rollercoaster featuring regional flavours, authentic delicacies, and local wine. Here's our sample of Almería's culinary palette.

Gambas de Garrucha

Taste the ocean with Gambas de Garrucha: Indulge in this seafood delight featuring red prawns caught from Garrucha's marina and cooked to bursting with flavour. Enjoy the delicacy at any local taberna or seafood restaurant.

Ajo Colorao

Relish the traditional Ajo Colorao: An emblematic dish of Almería, Ajo Colorao combines potatoes, peppers, and fish in a rich, spicy stew. Try this delicacy at Bodega Perico situated in Almería's city centre.


Nibble Nochezee-bris: Shaped like little twists and dusted with sugar, these almond-based cookies are best enjoyed with a cup of warm tea at one of Almería’s cosy cafés.

Vino del Desierto

Savour Vino del Desierto: Whether at a bustling city bar or a quaint village taverna, you can't miss a chance to sip Almería's signature wine that has been perfected under the fierce Andalusian sun.

Escabeche Eels

Slurp on Escabeche Eels: Popular in the region, this traditional pickled eel dish packs a punch of flavours and is best enjoyed at any beachside restaurant.

Destination Essentials

With hot desert climate unique to Almería, any time is a great time for a visit, depending on your proclivities for warmth and sun. For glorious weather and maximum enjoyment of water sports or sunbathing, plan your stay between March and December when the Mediterranean waters are most welcoming, and the Sun is generous.

For swimming enthusiasts, June to October offers the warmest sea temperatures. While tourism catches its highest wave in July and August, quieter occasions to explore the city's diverse landscape can be found in the shoulder months of January, February, March, and November. Almería, with its resilience against winter, round-the-year sunshine, and a backdrop of culture and cuisine, renders itself a year-round destination.


Sprinkled with a collection of enticing beaches, Almería invites you to soak in sunny delights, whether it's idling on the sand, plunging into the sea or winding down with a mesmerising sunset.

Playa de San Miguel

Revel in Playa de San Miguel: With crystal clear waters and golden sand, Playa de San Miguel teems with lively beach bars, local shops, and luring eateries. It's a spot perfect for an unforgettable day of sun, sand, and sea.

Playa del Auditorio

Relax at Playa del Auditorio: Popular amongst locals and tourists alike, Playa del Auditorio is an urban beach that has earned rave reviews for its uplifting ambience.

Playa Cdad. Luminosa

Indulge at Playa Cdad. Luminosa: Considered one of the best beaches in Spain, the shimmering stretches of Playa Cdad. Luminosa invite you to bask under the Spanish sun or explore the azure waters through a snorkelling adventure.

Zapillo beach

Bask at Zapillo beach: As a stretch of El Palmeral, Zapillo beach creates a cosy corner with its warm sands, nearby eateries, and accessible amenities for a complete beach excursion.

Playa de los Muertos

Unwind at Playa de los Muertos: Despite its chilling name translating to 'Beach of the Dead', this beach offers a slice of tranquillity to kick back in or explore the undersea life through a snorkelling adventure.

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