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Like an inviting oasis amidst the sun-drenched Andalusian landscape, Almuñécar beckons the weary traveller with its timeless charm and scenic allure. This historic and vibrant city, a glittering gem on the Costa Granadina, is your key to the perfect Spanish escapade where the Mediterranean Sea whispers tales of adventure and relaxation.

Dotted with archaeological wonders, embraced by pristine beaches, and steeped in a rich culinary tradition, Almuñécar promises an enchanting holiday experience. Whether you are in search of cultural exploration, recreational activities or the simple pleasure of basking under the Andalusian sun, you are indeed in the right place.

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Things to See and Do

Almuñécar parades an exceptional ensemble of attractions that are as diverse as they are captivating. Echoing centuries of history, cushioning nature's finest creations, and providing ample avenues for indulging in seaside pleasures, Almuñécar stands as a compelling testament to Spain's magnetic allure. Read on for some must-experience highlights.

Step into history with Castillo de San Miguel

This ancient fortress offers a compelling trip into Almuñécar's past, showcasing interesting artefacts against panoramic city views. Follow the footsteps of Phoenicians, Romans and Moors, and watch history unfold around you as you explore this imposing structure.

Breath in beauty at Punta de San Cristóbal

You’ll find the Rocks of San Cristóbal are iconic by nature, and crowned by the cross-bearing Peñón del Santo. Scale the slopes, share in the magnificent view, and why not leave a lock of love atop this historic natural monument?

Explore the tranquillity of Majuelo Park

Home to an ancient Phoenician fish salting factory and boasting an impressive collection of tropical plants, the park serves as a cultural oasis within the bustling city. Wander through its pathways and enjoy the refreshing blend of history and nature.

Delve into the aquatic wonders at Aqua Tropic Waterpark

Embrace your inner child or give your own a day of delight splashing through exciting water rides and pools. Indulge in a day of sun-soaked fun, perfect for families and fun-loving adults alike.

Visit the colourful Friday Market

In true Andalusian style, the Friday market offers an immersive, vibrant experience. From fresh local produce to handcrafted goods, the market sweeps you into the soulful rhythm of local Almuñécar life.

Destination Essentials

Almuñécar is an all-year-round destination. Those seeking sun will find the weather ideal from June through September, the peak season, synonymous with golden beaches, azure waters and balmy evenings. Bear in mind these months also draw the bulk of tourists.

If you value fewer crowds and cooler temperatures, consider visiting during April, May or October. In these months, even though it's off-peak, you can still enjoy the city's cultural and culinary highlights, along with favourable weather for exploring the city and beaches.

Spanish charm, historic attractions, diverse culinary delights and sunny beaches are constants in this coastal paradise, guaranteeing a memorable stay regardless of when you choose to visit.


Almuñécar gifts its visitors with an impressive selection of sandy paradises. The expansive Playa San Cristóbal offers family-friendly facilities and stunning views. For a more secluded experience, head towards Cala de los Berengueles in Marina del Este, a coveted spot by peace-seeking locals and in-the-know tourists. Playa La Herradura, a charming horseshoe-shaped beach with its tranquil, sparkling turquoise waters is simply irresistible. For those who fancy water sports, Playa Velilla is the go-to destination.

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