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Cala Ratjada, a vibrant resort city nestled in the island of Mallorca, is a captivating retreat renowned for its vivacious celebrations and magnetic charm. This magnificent destination teems with life as it welcomes German tourists in summer and transforms into a tranquil haven for retirees during the winter.

Esteemed for its shimmering bays, stunning beaches, delectable cuisine, and enticing attractions, Cala Ratjada caters to various tastes and preferences. It is an idyllic paradise for families and holiday-makers seeking an unforgettable Mallorcan experience.

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Things to See and Do

From its charming harbours to its ample sandy beaches, Cala Ratjada is a treasure chest overflowing with tantalising experiences. Both casual tourists and seasoned globetrotters can indulge in a potpourri of thrilling activities including visits to exclusive resorts, historical lighthouses and scenic boat tours.

Delight in the family attractions at Mayurca

Mayurca is the perfect retreat for family outings with its sandy beaches offering swimming and snorkelling opportunities. Its beautifully decked out harbour area is bursting with an array of shops, restaurants, and cafes striking a perfect balance between relaxation and adventure.

Experience the comfort of El corazón lugar Cala Rajada

Make cherished memories at El corazón lugar Cala Rajada, which is equipped with family-friendly facilities such as a children's pool, playground, and a kid's club. Every corner promises a new discovery, from its spacious lodging and pristine beaches to nearby attractions such as Capdepera Castle.

Explore the historical Capdepera Lighthouse

Capdepera Lighthouse not only offers breathtaking views of Menorca but is also an historical site of intrigue. Built in 1861, it's well worth the visit not just for its history, but also for its surrounding beauty and local attractions.

Stay at the luxurious Cala Serrano

Experience world-class comfort and breathtaking views at this beachfront hotel, equipped with leisure facilities like rooftop pools and a modern spa.

Discover the crystal-clear Na Ferradura

The picturesque Na Ferradura beach, with its close proximity to Son Moll Beach and Cala Ratjada Port, provides ample opportunities for beach enjoyment. With over 191 hotels within a mile, there are convenient accommodation options for every taste.

Destination Essentials

Enjoy a memorable trip to Cala Ratjada, with spring and mid-year months offering the most idyllic weather conditions. However, for those enjoying the sun's kiss, visiting during the warmest months of August, July, and September is worthwhile.

For travellers on a budget, November offers the most economical trip to the resort city. For families pondering their summer break, remember that August is the warmest and most kid-friendly time of the year.

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