Cantabria Holidays

Bursting with dramatic landscapes, stunning heritage sites and villages untouched by time, the charm of Cantabria will captivate the hearts of all. Nestled just beneath the rugged mountain peaks of the north coast of Spain, this land grants you stunning seaside vistas, breath-taking mountain views, and a rich tapestry of culture.

Whether you are looking to enjoy an idyllic retreat amid the grandeur of nature, indulge in a romantic getaway, or are on the hunt for ample family fun, this Spanish gem will not disappoint. With a delightful blend of something for every travelling audience type, Cantabria invites exploration and adventure, irrespective of your budget. From the striking clifftop drama of Santillana del Mar to the coastal elegance of Comillas and the metropolitan buzz of Santander, there's an abundance of remarkable attractions to devour.

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Fragrant with the scent of sea mist, the rich aroma of pinewood forests, and the intoxicating allure of medieval stone, Cantabria remains Spain's best-kept secret. Every nook cradles a new spectacle. Stride through vibrant cities, explore quaint hamlets, or relax on a secluded beach... indulge in Cantabria's finest.


The elegant capital, Santander, is a riveting blend of sparkling seafronts, bustling streets, and a rich brewing culture. Its beachfronts promise family-friendly frolicking, while the majestic Catedral de Santander and the captivating Centro Botín are essential for your cultural indulgence.

Santillana del Mar

Famed as the 'Town of Three Lies', Santillana del Mar is a mystique filled with historical grandeur. As remarkable in view as it is in history, from the splendid collegiate church to the rustic village homes, this town is a fantastic gateway to the past, perfect for history enthusiasts and dreamy romantics.


Ravishing in its beachfront elegance and brimming with architectural wonders including the striking Sobrellano Palace and Gaudí's El Capricho, Comillas offers a unique blend of beach relaxation and architectural exploration.


A firm favourite amongst beach lovers, Suances is home to that quintessential coastal charm mixed with outdoor activities. Wind down on Blue Flag beaches or embark on invigorating walks through picturesque coastal paths.

Picos de Europa

Encased by towering summits, lusciously green pastures, and dotted with charming alpine villages, the Picos de Europa National Park offers outdoor adventurers a world teeming with natural wonders and exciting activities.

Where to Stay

Cantabria's delightful medley of sceneries ensures there's an intimate resort, grand hotel or a rustic casa for everyone. Whether nestled in enchanted woods, perched on cliff edges or cosied up in a cobbled town, discover the crème de la crème of places to stay in Cantabria.

For a family holiday

Santander is simply extraordinary for a family holiday, boasting a plethora of family-friendly activities along with its well-loved beaches. Adventure seekers can opt for the coastal fun of Suances, offering surfing, kayaking, and horse riding.

For a couples holiday

The quaint charm of Santillana del Mar offers a touch of romance away from the hustle. For those seeking a more secluded retreat, the alpine villages tucked within the Picos de Europa paint a scene of tranquil romance.

For a holiday with friends

Gather your companions for an unforgettable journey. Those desiring a city buzz should explore Santander's vibrant nightlife. Alternatively, the adventurous wonders of Picos de Europa offer perfect bonding moments for friends keen on outdoor pursuits.

When to Visit

Cantabria's generous offerings come with an equally obliging climate. From May to late September, Cantabria is awash with countless summer festivities, prime beach weather, and the mountains beckon eager hikers.

For those preferring cooler climes, autumn, winter and early spring still remain exceptionally delightful. With fewer tourists, lower prices and an abundance of indoor cultural activities, visiting Cantabria outside the peak season has its allure. While winter in the Picos de Europa can be harsh, it delivers a sapphire-blue sky, magnificent landscapes and exhilarating winter sports, creating a picturesque canvas for your perfect holiday.

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