Costa De La Luz Holidays

Emerging from Spain's southwest corner, the radiant Costa De La Luz, or Coast of Light, is a lush landscape under the Spanish sun drenched in clear blue skies. A lesser-known vacation paradise that appeals to all sorts of travellers, this captivating destination is a trove of unspoilt beaches, exhilarating water sports, and cultural treasures, with hints of Moorish history.

Whether you're planning an all-inclusive family holiday, a romantic retreat with your partner, or a lively friends' trip, Costa De La Luz caters to all. Its serene beaches, alluring hiking trails, exquisite cuisines, and budget-friendly accommodation options make it a unique destination craving to be explored. Your Spanish holiday adventure awaits amongst the dazzling sands and vibrant Andalusian culture of Costa De La Luz.

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From serene beaches to culturally rich cities, discover the allure of Costa De La Luz's key holiday destinations. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a returning enthusiast, these holiday gems have something to offer everyone, ensuring a memorable Spanish getaway.


Famous for its connections to Columbus and its dazzling sea views, Cadiz is a beguiling old city on Costa De La Luz. The ancient seafront walls, thriving tapas scene, and sandy beaches make this city a fantastic spot for history buffs and culinary zealots.


Brimming with powdery beaches and a hub for kite and windsurfing, Tarifa is ideal for adventure seekers. Its clear waters invite diving enthusiasts, while the historic old town is just the charm needed for a leisurely stroll.

Zahara de los Atunes

This small village honours its famous tuna fishing tradition alongside its breathtaking coastline. A hidden gem, it's perfect for beach lovers desiring a calm, less crowded holiday, while also savouring regional gastronomic delights.

Vejer de la Frontera

This picturesque hilltop town, with its cobbled streets and white-washed buildings, offers a different pace of holiday. Embrace the charm of its Moorish architecture, fantastic eateries, and pleasant climate, ideal for couples seeking a quieter retreat.

Jerez de la Frontera

Internationally renowned for flamenco, horse fairs, and sherry, Jerez de la Frontera attracts tourists seeking a cultural spectacle. Visit the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art for a grand show or take a tour of the impressive sherry bodegas.

Where to Stay

Costa De La Luz’s diverse range of destinations ensures a unique stay tailored to suit different travellers. From quiet romantic towns to energetic beach spots, Costa De Luz accommodates everyone’s holiday requirements.

For a family holiday

For a classic family beach holiday, Isla Canela’s sandy beaches and watersports facilities provide ample activities for kids. The area around Tarifa, known for whale and dolphin spotting, appealingly combines wildlife adventures with beach relaxation.

For a couples holiday

Consider Vejer de la Frontera for a romantic getaway. The charming white-washed houses, tranquil beaches, and gourmet food create an idyllic atmosphere. Alternatively, a trip to the lush vineyards of Jerez de La Frontera, with the pleasantly warm Andalusian sun, is a delightful couple’s retreat.

For a holiday with friends

If you're planning a friendly reunion, the allure of Cadiz and its vibrant nightlife beckons. Besides, adventurous groups can explore the vast natural parks of Sierra de Grazalema or don their wetsuits and set out for some windsurfing in Tarifa.

When to Visit

The most attractive time to visit Costa De La Luz is between June and October, when the region enjoys a Mediterranean climate. This period, filled with sun-soaked relaxation and vibrant festivities, sees many holidaymakers flocking to the Costas golden beaches.

But, if you’re more for a peaceful and at times cost-effective getaway, consider a visit during Spring or Autumn. These seasons are brilliant for exploring Costa De La Luz’s cultural landmarks and natural attractions, with the Spring bloom or Autumnal hues providing a visually stunning backdrop. Remember to pack a sweater for the cooler nights.

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