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Nestled in the radiant Costa del Sol, Estepona is the shining jewel of southern Spain. Renowned for its magnificent beaches, charming old town, and a sun-kissed climate, Estepona is a delightful deviation from the trappings of mundane life.

Whether you're drawn to the vibrant spectacles of its historic landmarks, the captivating beauty of its beaches, or yearning to delve into the mouth-watering Spanish cuisine, Estepona is a holiday destination truly fit for every traveller. Within these charming streets lies the key to an unforgettable Spanish escapade.

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Things to See and Do

Estepona is a treasure trove of cultural delights and fascinating sights; from historic castles to bustling marinas, there's a multitude of experiences waiting to be discovered. Here are our top picks for the must-visit attractions.

Plaza de las Flores

Begin at the charming Plaza de las Flores. This central square, your gateway to the old town, is home to the historic Casa de las Tejerinas; a meeting point for artists and tourists alike.

Castillo de San Luis

Don't forget to walk the restored walls of the 15th-century Castillo de San Luis. Once a defence against pirates, now offering stunning garden views and a glimpse into Estepona's storied past.

Playa de la Rada

Relish in the two-kilometre stretch of coastline at the Playa de la Rada. This beloved beach offers tranquil Mediterranean waters framed by a lively seafront promenade, laden with traditional beach bars and tantalising Málaga-style cuisine.

Estepona's Old Town

Rove through the narrow, picturesque streets of Estepona's Old Town, taking in the colourful Andalusian houses and ornate flower pots adorning the streets, sprinkling the town with colour.

Estepona Port and Marina

Lastly, the bustling Estepona Port and Marina, where fishing boats bring in bountiful catches every day. A street market, daily auctions for seafood, and a picturesque view of the blue sea make it an enjoyable, immersive experience.

Food and Drink

From savouring succulent seafood to relishing traditional Andalusian dishes, Estepona’s diverse gastronomy is sure to enchant your taste buds.

Estepona Port and Marina

Begin your culinary journey at the Estepona Port and Marina, where you can buy freshly caught seafood in the daily auctions or sample the catch of the day in one of the many surrounding restaurants.

Traditional Spanish Cuisine in Estepona’s Old Town

Experience traditional Spanish cuisine in Estepona’s Old Town. Make sure to try the gazpacho, a chilled tomato-based soup, and pescaíto frito, an assortment of fried fish, both staples of Andalusian cuisine.

Tapas Culture in Estepona

Tapas is an integral part of Spanish food culture and Estepona has some delightful tapas bars, each offering a unique and delicious variety of small plates to sample.

Beach Bars on Playa de la Rada

Estepona’s chiringuitos (beach bars) on Playa de la Rada, offer Málaga-style sardines, grilled to perfection over an open fire, a perfect pairing to the mesmerising view.


Don’t miss out on trying the beloved Spanish drink, sangría. Made with red wine, fresh fruit and a bit of bubbly, it is especially delightful when enjoyed on a sun-soaked beach.

Destination Essentials

The best time to visit Estepona to enjoy hot-weather activities is from late June to early September, with August being the hottest month offering an average high of 85°F. The sun-basked beaches offer sea temperatures averaging 23°C or above from June to October, making it the perfect beach holiday destination.

However, Estepona is a year-round destination, with a climate providing over 325 days of sunshine per year, thanks to its natural environment, nestled between the sea and the mountains. Therefore, visitors can still enjoy the radiant town outside of peak seasons whilst avoiding the summer crowds.


Estepona’s golden coastline is peppered with countless beaches, each unique, offering something for everyone.

Playa de la Rada

Playa de la Rada stands out with it's over two-kilometre stretch of grey sand, lined with a beautiful beachfront promenade. The beach is family-friendly, easily accessible and boasts numerous beach bars and restaurants.

La Rada Beach

La Rada Beach, another Estepona favourite, offers moderate Pacific waves, making it perfect for a peaceful day of sunbathing and swimming.

Playa Seghers

A visit to Estepona would be incomplete without experiencing the Playa Seghers. This exclusive location offers luxury beachfront properties with expansive sea views and is within a walking distance to Estepona Marina and sandy beaches.

Playa Beach

Playa Beach is an idyllic family-friendly location with shallow waters, lifeguards on standby, and a range of water sports activities. Moreover, it offers great amenities such as sunbeds, beachside bars and restaurants, making it a perfect day out.

Playa del Cristo

Lastly, Playa del Cristo with its golden sand, calm, shallow waters and beautiful cove makes it ideal for families. This Blue Flag beach is also home to two chiringuitos, perfect for a casual beachside lunch.

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