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Envelop yourself in the rich history and charismatic charisma of Girona, a Spanish jewel located in Catalonia's northern region. Intricately laced with a tapestry of Iberian, Roman, and Moorish influences, the city offers an irresistible blend of ancient allure and modern marvels.

Sitting gently at the junction of four rivers, Girona is not only the capital of its province but also a coveted tourist hotspot. With an engaging blend of preserved old quarters and modern attraction sites, Girona promises an unforgettable vacation filled with panoramic views, stunning landmarks, mouth-watering local cuisine, and an intimate understanding of local culture.

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Things to See and Do

Girona wields an abundance of captivating sightseeing spots and activities, lying in wait for each visitor’s delight. From ancient architectural wonders to chic modern parks, prepare to lose yourself amidst a collection of unabashed beauty and timeless allure. Here are just a handful of the treasures you will marvel at in Girona.

Immerse in the splendour of the Girona Cathedral

Known for the grandeur of its world's widest Gothic nave, this majestic Roman Catholic church encapsulates Girona's rich history. Do take the chance to marvel at the stunning Tapestry of Creation, a true Romanesque masterpiece.

Stroll through Jardins John Lennon

Tucked behind the cathedral, this beautiful park offers a peaceful retreat. Enjoy the shade under mature trees, or take the staircase to the top for a captivating city view.

Discover the historical Banys Àrabs

Venture back to the Middle Ages at this well-preserved historic site. They stand as the most intact Romanesque public baths across Catalonia and are a must-visit for any history enthusiast.

Flutter in the Girona butterflies

Adding a dash of flamboyancy, the Butterfly Park offers an exhilarating experience. Get drawn into a world decorated with over a hundred species of butterflies.

Revisit the iconic Game of Thrones scenes

Wander around Girona and find iconic filming locations from the widely acclaimed Game of Thrones series. It’s a fantastic opportunity to step directly into scenes from the series.

Food and Drink

Girona's culinary scene is an exceptional indulgence, boasting an invigorating concoction of traditional and contemporary tastes. Whether you have an insatiable appetite for delicacies or a knack for sampling local brews, Girona's food and drink won’t disappoint.

Sample the lip-smacking Escudella i Carn d'Olla

A traditional Catalan meat and vegetable stew, this hearty dish provides a comforting taste of local Catalan cuisine. Try it at 'El Pou Del Call', a popular restaurant in Girona.

Drink up a glass of Empordà wine

Produced within the region, this bold and full-bodied wine is a must-try. Sample the finest selection at the Masia Serra winery.

Try the appetizing Xuixo

For a sweet treat, indulge in this deep-fried pastry filled with crema catalana. It’s ubiquitous in Girona's bakeries.

Relish the Botifarra Dulce

A local favourite, this sweet sausage combines pork and sugar for an unexpected gastronomic delight. Look for it in local markets and butchers.

Indulge in a Celler de Can Roca meal

Book a table at this three-Michelin-star restaurant, ranked multiple times as the world's best. The dining experience is simply exceptional.

Destination Essentials

The bewitching charm of Girona is at its peak during the balmy warmth from April to November. During these months, the city bursts into effervescent energy, making it an opportune time to explore the myriad of attractions, laze on nearby beaches, or participate in lively festivals.

Travel enthusiasts seeking pleasant warmth, lower tourist footfall, and still a great amount of activity should consider visiting during April-May or September-October. These months offer respite from the intense summer heat and a more intimate exploration of Girona's beauty. Whether an architecture admirer or a landscape lover, a food fanatic or a history buff, Girona is a year-round destination that doesn’t disappoint.

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