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Nestled on the sun-drenched southeastern coast of Spain, Mijas offers a delightful blend of traditional charm and modern amenities. From its white-washed Andalusian village perched high on a mountainside, to the bustling seaside resorts peppered along its coastline, Mijas is more than just a typical Spanish holiday location.

In Mijas, history sits comfortably amidst trendy shops, alluring beaches, championship grade golf courses, and an array of gastronomic treats waiting to be discovered. So, whether you are an ardent history enthusiast, a sun-worshipper, a food lover, or a golf aficionado, Mijas' diverse offerings are sure to satisfy your holiday desires.

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Things to See and Do

From intriguing historical monuments to lush botanical gardens and an informative ethnographic museum, Mijas offers attractions brimming with charm and cultural richness. These enchanting sights aim to transport you seamlessly through past eras as you navigate your way through this splendid destination.

Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña

Step into the sacred Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña and feel the devotion that imbues every crevice of this holy site. Meander through the gorgeous botanical haven that is Parque La Muralla, marvelling at the riot of blooms and absorbing their horticultural wisdom. Delve into the fascinating history of this charming village at the Museo Historico-Etnologico, appreciating the tools and tales that narrate Mijas’ past.

La Cala Resort

Embark on a golfing venture at the La Cala Resort, Spain's largest golf enterprise, for some leisurely swing of the club amidst stunning landscapes. Whilst, not forgetting to get lost within the winding streets of Mijas Pueblo, surrendering to the allure of its quaint white houses and vibrant flower pots.

Food and Drink

Mijas' culinary experience is a delightful gastronomic adventure, taking its cues from rich Andalusian flavours and fresh local ingredients. Here, tantalising dishes are waiting to be savoured, each a testament to the region's fantastic cuisine.

Local Produce in Mijas

Sample some of the local produce where potatoes, avocados, and cereals rule the roost, each incorporated ingeniously into hearty traditional dishes by local chefs. Delight in some gambas pil-pil, prawns cooked in a spicy sauce, enjoyed at one of the seaside eateries with a view of the Mediterranean.

Local Wines and Tapas

Savour the local wines, pairing them perfectly with a serving of tapas boasting fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Sweet Delights in Mijas

And don’t forget to end your meal on a sweet note with bountiful fresh fruits of Mijas or indulge in some churros dipped in hot chocolate, a staple treat in this part of Spain.

Destination Essentials

With a Mediterranean climate characterised by long, hot summers and mild winters, Mijas is a year-round destination of choice. However, the best time to embrace the charm of Mijas is between June and August. With average daily temperatures reaching a comfortable 31°C, it's the perfect time to let your bare feet sink into the warm sand or take a refreshing dip into the Mediterranean Sea.

Despite occasional rainfall, Mijas maintains a semi-tropical feel. With cooler winter nights offering a refreshing contrast to the hot summers, Mijas delivers a climate that comfortably caters to a wide range of visitor preferences. So whether a lover of the sun or a fan of milder climates, Mijas is sure to oblige your holiday wishes.


Mijas' coastline, fondly referred to as Mijas Costa, is dotted with a variety of beaches, each offering its unique allure, from quiet secluded coves to bustling stretches of sand complete with amenities.

La Butimbamba Beach

Seize a moment of tranquillity at the high-occupancy La Butimbamba Beach, renowned for its bright sand, calm waters, and impeccable cleanliness. Experience the diverse offerings of Playa El Ejido, with a variety of water sports to enjoy in the proximity of some fantastic accommodation facilities.

Mijas Pueblo's neighbouring beaches

For those who yearn for more, take a quick trip to Mijas Pueblo's neighbouring beaches. Equipped with fine sand and a range of outdoor activities like rock climbing and golfing, the beaches of Mijas Costa complete your sun, sand and sea experience.

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