Playa De Las Americas Holidays

Playa de las Americas, a resort built with the holidaymaker in mind, sits in the sunny southern part of Arona, Tenerife. It sprung up in the swinging 60s, blossoming from bare spaces into a bustling, lively hub of entertainment and recreation.

Sparkling under the endless sun, Playa de las Americas reveals a wide range of bars, nightclubs, man-made beaches and tempting delicacies- all within a stone's throw from each other. This is a place where you can enjoy the vibrancy of life against the backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean, whilst also relishing the Spanish way of life.

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Things to See and Do

Playa de las Americas is the centrepiece of the southwestern coast of Tenerife, promising fun-filled days and vibrant nights. Whether searching for adrenaline-rush water sports or a serene stroll through tropical flora, this corner of Tenerife invites one and all.

Radikal Jet Ski Safaris

Kick-start your adventure at Radikal Jet Ski Safaris, an oasis for the thrill-seekers, where you get to ride your own jet ski along the island's fetching coastline. As the evening sets in, find your way to the light and music Fountain Las Americas dancing to the tunes of Sinatra and Miller, conjuring up the spirit of Vegas. Located in the heart of the Safari Shopping Centre, it offers a spectacle like no other.

The Golden Mile

The Golden Mile is another hotspot that guarantees a good time. Ideal for families, with its range of activities, this strip wows with sandy beaches, amusement parks, and a spectrum of food options catering to all palates. And if you're inclined toward nightlife, there are numerous spots that'll keep you entertained until the early hours - you won't be left wanting.

Food and Drink

When it comes to food and drink, Playa de las Americas doesn't disappoint. From hearty Spanish delicacies to international favourites, this part of Tenerife presents a culinary carnival.

Canarian Cuisine

Gargle down traditional Canarian cuisine at local hotspots, where you can savour Spanish specialities against the backdrop of the ocean. For a feel of international cuisine, try the eclectic range of eateries along the Golden Mile. And when it comes to unwinding, a quiet cocktail overlooking the light and music fountain from Harry’s Bar is an experience not to be missed.

Destination Essentials

Whether you're after a sun-soaked summer holiday or a winter escape that'll shun away the chills, Playa de las Americas is a winning choice. Blessed with a sub-tropical climate that ensures sunshine throughout the year, the resort beckons tourists in all seasons.

Temperatures are at their highest between June and September, appealing to sun-seekers and beach lovers. For water adventurers, the beach is at its best from June to November. Spring and autumn, however, offer mild weather, perfect for exploring the resort at a leisurely pace, while winter months also promise sunny spells, serving as the perfect antidote to the UK's winter blues.

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