Ronda Holidays

Regally seated atop a towering cliff edge, the historical Spanish town of Ronda offers breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscape. This unusual location, split by a deep canyon carved by the Guadalevín River, ensures a holiday in Ronda is, without question, a spectacle for the soul.

Imbued with centuries of history, a rich tapestry of Neolithic, Celtic, Phoenician, and Roman cultures, and an illustrious legacy of polymath heroes and romantic poets, Ronda offers much more than just inspiring views. Whether it's partaking in age-old bullfighting traditions or exploring prehistoric settlement remains cloaked in Andalusian charm, your visit to Ronda is guaranteed to be unforgettable.

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Things to See and Do

From the ancient might of towering bridges to the tranquil beauty of lush gardens, Ronda's array of attractions caters to both the intrepid explorer and the languorous daydreamer. Immerse yourself in the city's historical legacy and natural splendour in this regal Spanish town.

Centro de Interpretación del Puente Nuevo

Marvell at the Centro de Interpretación del Puente Nuevo. For an immersive historical journey, a visit to the Puente Nuevo Visitor Centre, nestled between the breath-taking bridge and the Hotel Parador, is a must. Learn about the bridge's history through captivating multimedia presentations, before drinking in stunning views from the nearby Plaza Maria Auxiliadora.

Alameda del Tajo

Lose yourself in Alameda del Tajo. Spend a leisurely afternoon walking under the foliage of five tree-lined avenues in the city's Park. With stunning mountain views, beautiful sunsets, and distinctive plants like the Himalayan cedar, an afternoon in Alameda del Tajo is a refreshing escape.

Arab Baths Archaeological Site

Step back in time at the Arab Baths Archaeological Site. Experience the tranquillity of Moorish life at Ronda's Arab Baths, the best-preserved baths in Spain. A short animated presentation brings the history of these 13th-century baths to life. Don't forget to admire the impressive exterior, including the intact Saqiya and aqueduct.

Baños Arabes

Experience panoramic views over Ronda from the Baños Arabes. Soak in the stunning panoramic views of Ronda and its scenic landscape from the top of the Baños Arabes. For an unforgettable sunset, head to the banos just before dusk.

Plaza de Toros de Ronda

Uncover Ronda's Spanish traditions at the Plaza de Toros de Ronda. Explore Spain's oldest bullfighting ring and learn about the cultural significance of bullfighting in Ronda. This is a key local tradition documented by famous writers, including Hemingway.

Destination Essentials

Despite its charming appeal all year round, Ronda truly comes alive in September, as the city celebrates the vibrant Feria de Pedro Romero. During this period, the city is buzzing with jubilant festivities and thrilling bullfighting events, making it an exciting time to experience local Spanish traditions.

For a more laid-back holiday, consider the spring and autumn months. With fewer tourists and more moderate temperatures, these seasons are ideal for those seeking tranquillity and cost-effective travel. With a myriad of historical sites, natural parks and bustling tapas bars at your disposal, a holiday in Ronda is a delightful Spanish sojourn, regardless of when you choose to visit.

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