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Welcome to Tenerife – the crowning jewel of Spain's Canary Islands, a destination famed for its year-round sunshine, idyllic beaches, enthralling landscapes, and vivacious nightlife. Whether you're a sun-loving couple seeking the perfect romantic getaway, a family in pursuit of an all-inclusive beach holiday, a group of friends longing for a lively break, or a solo traveller wanting to explore another feather to your travel cap, Tenerife is your calling!

Imagine gliding across its golden beaches, revelling in the versatile attractions or simply basking in the warm sun while you enjoy the unique Canary blend of Spanish, African, and Latin American cultures embraced here. With accommodation options to suit all budgets and beaches flaunting beautiful landscapes, Tenerife, a paradisiacal blend of relaxation and adventure, is a holiday hotspot that ticks all boxes.

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From bustling beach resorts to quaint mountain villages, Tenerife is a holidaymaker's dream. Here are a handful of the island's best-loved destinations, from the cosmopolitan capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife to the volcanic allure of Teide National Park.

Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Tenerife’s capital is beloved for its eclectic mix of modernity and tradition. Stroll around its lively plazas, visit the historic churches and museums, savour the charm of the local restaurants, bars, and shops, all the while soaking up the up-tempo energy synonymous with the city.

Los Cristianos

Immerse in the vibrant beach life of Los Cristianos. Packed with beachfront restaurants, shops, and bars, this resort town ensures you have all you need at your fingertips for a relaxed, sands-between-your-toes holiday.

Costa Adeje

Luxury is the theme in Costa Adeje. Boasting a host of upscale resorts, fine dining establishments and designer stores, if you're after a stylish break without scrimping on the beach and the sunshine, Costa Adeje is just the place.

Puerto de la Cruz

The charm of this quaint town lies in its balance – a blend of sandy beaches and lush gardens, traditional Canarian architecture and lively festivals. An ideal destination for those seeking a more cultural holiday experience.

Teide National Park

To escape the coastline, head to Teide National Park, home to Mount Teide - Spain’s highest mountain. Whether you choose to hike or take the cable car, the spectacular panoramic views from the peak are nothing short of breathtaking.

Where to Stay

In a destination as varied as Tenerife, finding the right area to stay can seem a challenge. Fear not, we're here to assist, whether you're holidaying with family, seeking romance, or just looking forward to a well-earned break with friends.

For a family holiday

Playa de las Americas is the perfect choice for families. This vibrant beach resort offers a plethora of water parks, kid-friendly beaches and a wealth of family-friendly eateries.

For a couples holiday

Santa Cruz de Tenerife promises an ideal romantic getaway. This charming city, filled with intriguing architecture, lush gardens and a delightful gastronomy scene offers a well-balanced mix of relaxation and exploration for lovebirds.

For a holiday with friends

For a lively holiday with friends, Los Cristianos could be your best bet. With its bustling nightlife scene, numerous shops and restaurants, not to mention water sports aplenty, Los Cristianos ensures non-stop fun for you and your pals.

When to Visit

While wonderful weather is virtually assured all year round, Tenerife is particularly delightful between May and October when you can expect daytime temperatures occasionally topping a balmy 30°C (86°F). It's around this time of the year that beach lovers, nature enthusiasts and festival-goers alike will enjoy the island the most.

However, if you're not a fan of crowds and prefer a more laid-back atmosphere, consider visiting during the low season which falls between November and April. While temperatures may be slightly cooler, they're still comfortable enough for a lovely stroll down the beach or a day of sightseeing without having to face the summer rush.

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