Tossa De Mar Holidays

Nestled along the breath-taking Costa Brava coastline, Tossa de Mar exemplifies Catalonia's charm, brimming with cultural gems from the middle ages to contemporary times. Located conveniently between the vibrance of Barcelona and the allure of the French Riviera, this stunning town intertwines the best of Mediterranean delight and historical richness.

Steeped in an enthralling history dating back to Neolithic settlements, Tossa de Mar offers a myriad of attractions to quench your thirst for adventure and discovery. Whether you're a history aficionado, beach enthusiast, or a foodie at heart, there's no doubt your visit to Tossa de Mar will gift you with cherished memories.

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Things to See and Do

Tossa de Mar, resplendent with golden beaches, ancient ruins and quaint village ambience, encapsulates the spirit of Mediterranean life. Providing a fascinating journey through time, the town's alluring attractions ranging from historical landmarks, archaeological sites, pristine beaches and a lively food scene, are a testament to its rich heritage and enduring appeal.

Venture within the walls of the Vila Vella

The last remaining medieval town along the Catalan coast, the Vila Vella transports you back to the 12th century. While roaming through its cobblestone alleyways, be sure to explore the distinctive castle and the picturesque Church of Sant Vicenç.

Admire the captivating beauty of Es Codolar beach

Tucked underneath the castle, the secluded Es Codolar beach offers breathtaking views of Tossa de Mar's landmarks. Lounge on the sandy shores, or avail of the well-equipped facilities while soaking in the scenic vista.

Dive into history at the Vil·la romana dels Ametllers

This Roman villa, lived in from the 1st century BC till 6th century AD, provides fascinating insights into the luxuries of a bygone era. Don't miss the mosaic inscribed with the name of a 5th-century occupant and peruse the artefacts found on site, exhibited at the local museum.

Discover contemporary art and ancient artefacts at the Municipal Museum

Housed within the Governor's House within the walls of the Vila Vella, the museum hosts an impressive collection of artefacts and contemporary artworks. Here, one truly delves into the artistic richness of Tossa de Mar.

Relax on the shores of Tossa Beach (Platja Gran)

Complement your adventures with a leisurely day at the town's largest and most renowned beach, where golden sands meet cerulean waves, enticing beach lovers with a range of water activities.

Destination Essentials

To truly relish the delights of Tossa de Mar, consider visiting between June and August. The peak of summer, with daily average temperatures reaching a pleasant 30°C, ensures optimal conditions to explore the historical sites or lounge on the radiant beaches. July, with an impressive 29 perfect sunny days, is perfect for outdoor activities.

For those who prefer a serene getaway, the months between April to May and in October prove ideal. With pleasant temperatures and fewer tourists, these months offer a more authentic experience of this vibrant town, all the while maintaining the charm and allure which Tossa de Mar is renowned for.

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