Basel Holidays

Basel, a treasure trove of art, history and unabashed culture, nestled at the intersection of Swiss, French, and German borders, radiates a truly unmatched allure. This thriving metropolis represents a convergence of past and future, ancient alleyways and avant-garde architecture, artistic flair and industrial charm – a destination full of delightful surprises.

Unearth the vibrant hues of this Swiss spectacle – traverse its cobbled streets, savour its world-class gastronomy, immerse yourself in riveting art and history, or simply bask in the warm summer sun by the banks of the Rhine. A voyage to Basel is an enchanting exploration that guarantees a little bit of everything.

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Things to See and Do

From captivating cultural gems to breathtakingly beautiful landmarks, Basel orchestrates an incredible symphony of experiences. Whether you fathom getting lost in the maze of contemporary art galleries or strolling along the romantically lit cobblestone streets, Basel offers intriguing encapsulations of joy and adventure. Let's explore the quintessence of Basel.

Admire the kinetic art at Museum Tinguely

Situated on the idyllic banks of the Rhine, Museum Tinguely hosts an intriguing collection of Swiss artist Jean Tinguely's kinetic sculptures. Experiencing the complex, moving art pieces in this striking museum building fares as an unforgettable artistic adventure for both the young and young at heart.

Ascent to awe at Basel Minster

No visit to Basel would be complete without marvelling at the imposing silhouette of the Basel Minster. Undertake the climb up the 242 steps of this Gothic wonderment to savour a breathtaking panorama of the Rhine's serpentine journey through the cityscape.

Explore the cultural hub at Messeplatz

The heart of cultural exhibitions and events in Basel, Messeplatz, paints a vibrant canvas of experiences. From the sensational Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show to the bustling food stalls, a visit to Messeplatz offers a fascinating insight into the city's dynamic and rich cultural heritage.

Immerse in nature at Basel’s Parks

Escape the urban whirl to Basel's tranquil parks. The verdant oasis offers swings and slides for children to frolic and benches for adults to relax in the serene setting. It's a perfect family day out to unwind amidst nature's symphony.

Discover surprising wonders at Basel Zoo

One of Basel's most loved attractions; the zoological garden houses a rich life tapestry, ranging from African giraffes to Arctic penguins. The unforgettable experience of encountering these beautiful creatures in their recreated natural habitats is a joy to share with the younger family members.

Destination Essentials

Basel is an exquisite city of art and culture, best experienced during the splendid summer months of June, July, and August. During these sunny days, Basel illuminates its true colours, with numerous outdoor festivals, bustling local markets, vibrant local culture and a host of family-friendly activities to keep you engaged and entertained.

Visiting during winter breathes a different character into Basel, transforming it into a mesmerising winter wonderland. It's the perfect time for winter sports enthusiasts to visit Switzerland, with Basel providing an ideal base to explore the Swiss ski slopes. However, if you wish to experience Basel at its liveliest and bask in the warm aura of the sun, then a summer visit is undoubtedly recommended.

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