Grindelwald Holidays

One can hardly utter the word 'Switzerland' without conjuring images of majestic alpine peaks, quaint mountain villages, and thrilling outdoor adventures. Grindelwald, nestled in the canton of Berne, fits this picturesque archetype with stunning precision, a small but vibrant destination bristling with character and charm.

From scaling the Eiger or lounging in cosy mountain guesthouses to marvelling at the vistas from a gondola ride, Grindelwald offers an authentic alpine journey. As you delve into this piece, rest assured you're about to get an exclusive tour of this one-of-a-kind destination, tailored to answer the lingering questions in your wanderlust-filled mind.

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Things to See and Do

Embodying an exhilarating blend of nature's allure and thrill-inducing exploits, Grindelwald leaves no stone unturned when it comes to its touristic gems. Here, you'll traverse snowy slopes and sunlit trails, immerse in alpine culture and feast your eyes on landscapes that seem plucked straight out of a storybook.

First Cliff Walk

Scale the heights of the First Cliff Walk, a daredevil's dream offering unencumbered mountain views.

Eiger North Face

Sit back and enjoy a gondola ride towards the Eiger North Face, one of Swiss alpinism's legendary tests.

Jungfraujoch Adventure

Marvel at vistas atop Bernese Alps' towering peaks through a memorable Jungfraujoch adventure.

Eiger Guesthouse Mürren

The Eiger Guesthouse Mürren not only provides comfortable accommodations but infuses your experience with Swiss charm and hospitality.

Village Settlements

Finally, embrace Grindelwald's rich heritage by exploring its village settlements, each one offering a unique window into the region's history.

Food and Drink

Swiss cuisine reaches new heights in Grindelwald. From hearty alpine dishes to sweet indulgences, a culinary exploration in Grindelwald combines tradition, innovation, and quality for an unmatched experience.

Raclettes and Fondues

Feast on hearty raclettes and fondues, Swiss dishes that warm both body and soul, in cosy restaurants dotting the village. Rest and recharge with a cup of hot chocolate, Swiss-style, after a day on the slopes.

Swiss Pastries

Not to be missed is a sampling of Swiss pastries - consider trying 'Nusstorte', a nut-filled delight echoing the alpine confectionery tradition.

Swiss Game Cuisine

Look out for restaurants that offer a taste of Swiss game, a unique culinary experience that puts the region's biodiversity on display on your plate.

Savour Swiss Cheese

Last but by no means least, no Swiss culinary adventure is complete without tasting its iconic cheese, in Grindelwald, pop into local markets or shops for a cheesy treat.

Destination Essentials

Grindelwald's appeal, underscored by the change of its seasons, is a gift that keeps on giving, painting unique landscapes throughout the year and offering varying adventures.

From June to October, Grindelwald's weather basks in pleasant warmth, lending itself to exploration attempts whether you desire to hike, ride a bike or ride a raft down a river. Notably, the warmest time is mid-July, making it ideal to visit and indulge in Grindelwald's outdoor offerings. However, if colder conditions and snow-covered slopes are more to your liking, visiting during winter transforms Grindelwald into a winter wonderland, with February, March, and November seeing less precipitation and clear, sunlit snowfields ideal for skiing.


While 'beaches' may not be synonymous with the alpine landscape of Grindelwald, it is these very mountains and valleys that offer an exciting alternative. Here 'beach' is replaced to 'peak' where relaxation and rejuvenation are summoned by the call of the wild and the majesty of the mountains.

Eiger's notorious north face

Lose yourself in the ethereal beauty of the Eiger's notorious north face, revered by climbers for its unrivalled challenge and admired by the less daring for its silent majesty. Traverse the pathways of Im Fysteren Graben, where panoramic views replace shorelines waves but deliver the same sense of discovery and enlightenment.

Eiger Guesthouse Mürren

At Eiger Guesthouse Mürren, quench your thirst for sublime mountain vistas, enhanced by the idyllic charm of the nearby village of Gimmelwald.


View the glacier-riddled slopes of the Wetterhorn, a towering summit that presents nature's raw beauty on a tremendous scale.


Experience the enchantment of the Jungfraujoch, a natural amphitheatre where snow-capped peaks replace sand and surf.

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