Switzerland City Breaks

Nestled at the heart of Western, Central, and Southern Europe, tucked away between mighty mountains and luscious green valleys lies Switzerland. With an abundance of enchanting cities to uncover, crammed full of historical intrigue, dazzling architecture and cultural wonders, there's an unforgettable city break just waiting for everyone. Regardless of your budget or interests, be it a family-adventure, a romantic escapade or a friendly excursion, Switzerland's rich medley of intoxicating experiences will captivate your heart and ignite your imagination.


From the thundering power of Europe's largest waterfall to the captivating beauty of underground caverns, the serene elegance of mountain vistas to historic cityscapes steeped in character; Switzerland's treasure trove of attractions lay in wait, ready to whet the appetite of thrill-seekers, culture vultures, and nature lovers alike.

Marvel at the Magnificence of Rhine Falls

Feel the thunder of the Rhine Falls near Schaffhausen, Europe's largest waterfall. Stand on a platform over the rushing torrents, absorbing the awe-inspiring vistas that surround you. Experience a memorable boat trip along the Rhine Falls with the No.1 Yellow Line Rock Cruise for a heart-stirring encounter with nature.

Descend into the St. Beatus Caves

Explore the ethereal beauty of the St. Beatus Caves situated on Lake Thun near Interlaken. Wander along a well-built path, marvelling at the stalactites and stalagmites sculpted over countless millennia. Afterward, enjoy delicious regional delicacies at the recently renovated Stein & Sein restaurant.

Uncover Secrets of the Swiss National Park

Immerse yourself in Switzerland's breathtaking natural beauty at the Swiss National Park. Hike routes of various difficulty, uncovering awe-inspiring landscapes as you traverse one of the oldest national parks in the Alps. Remember to respect the park regulations to preserve its pristine condition for years to come.

Amble through Basel's Cultural Milestones

Discover the buzzing cityscape of Basel, one of Switzerland's major economic hubs. Along the banks of the Rhine, find an eclectic mix of world-class museums, whimsical modern architecture, and quaint historic districts, making for a captivating city excursion.

Savour the Sights of Geneva

Situated on the Swiss Plateau, Geneva is a cosmopolitan city overflowing with rich cultural offerings. From the sprawling parks to the grand United Nations office, sublime such as the Jet d'Eau fountain to quintessential Swiss watches, Geneva guarantees a city break packed with diverse explorations.

Food & Drink

Bite into the Heart of Swiss Cuisine: Switzerland's culinary landscape is as varied as its geography with every region boasting signature dishes. Savour the creamy goodness of Raclette, munch on hearty Rösti or satiate your senses with the country's world-famous cheese and chocolate offerings. Cap off your meal with a sip of Swiss wine, produced from vineyards overlooked by alpine wonders.

Venture into Swiss Cheese Territory

Learn the art of cheesemaking at Gruyères, home to Switzerland's renowned Gruyère cheese. Participate in a cheese tasting, sample some of the finest cheeses and finish off with a visit to the historic Gruyère castle nearby.

Indulge in a Swiss Chocolate Adventure

Join the Swiss Chocolate Adventure at Lucerne's Swiss Museum of Transport. Understand the journey of chocolate, from the cocoa bean to the sumptuous varieties adored worldwide, guaranteeing a special treat for any sweet tooth.

Raise a Glass to Swiss Wine

Discover the under-the-radar world of Swiss wine on a vineyard tour. Amid stunning landscapes, learn about Swiss viticulture, enjoy a walk through well-tended vineyards, and wrap up the experience with an intimate wine tasting session.

Delight in Food Fusion at Zürich

Zürich, a hub of sophisticated culinary delights, offers up a mix of traditional Swiss dishes and international flavours. Explore the city's bustling food scene with a plethora of quality restaurants, quirky cafes, and local food markets. Don't forget to try Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, the city's traditional dish.

City Essentials

Switzerland offers a canvas of vibrant experiences throughout the year. From the colourful flush of blooming flowers across Alpine landscapes in spring (April-May), to warm and stunning summer lake shores (June-August), the harvest hues of autumn vineyards (September-November), and the stunning snowy panoramas perfect for winter sports (December-March), every season has something unique to offer in Switzerland. If you're seeking sunny weather, slightly fewer crowds and stunning flora, consider exploring this glorious nation during the shoulder seasons of April-May and September-October.


Whether you seek a pulsing night of dancing, an intimate evening of cultural immersion, or a relaxing nightcap by the lakeside with mountain vistas in the backdrop, Switzerland's bustling nightlife offers something for every twilight adventurer. Zürich's vibrant clubbing scene, Geneva's chic bars, Lausanne's jazz lounges and the traditional taverns of Lucerne offer a medley of experiences defined by Swiss elegance and eclectic charm.

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