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Brimming with an intoxicating blend of cultural heritage and exotic allure, Zanzibar is a gem nestled in the Indian Ocean. An archipelago off the Tanzanian coast, this haven evokes images of timeless beauty and charm, with a rich history and stunning landscapes that are nothing short of idyllic.

Come bask in the radiant sun, sample the vibrant flavours of local cuisine, and explore the labyrinthine Stone Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whether you're seeking an intimate retreat or a lively adventure, Zanzibar offers both, promising an unforgettable encounter that answers the wanderlust call.

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Things to See and Do

From historical landmarks to lush natural reserves and traditional markets, Zanzibar offers a plenitude of attractions for you to revel in. Uncover the island's profound past, engage with its mesmerising environment, and immerse yourself in its rich culture – here are a handful of essential experiences to start your Zanzibari adventure.

Discover the secrets of Stone Town

Step back in time as you wander through the narrow, winding streets of Zanzibar's historic Stone Town. Marvel at the unique blend of Arab, African, Indian, and European architectural influences evident in its ornate buildings. Visit the former Sultan's Palace, the Old Fort, and explore the local market for vibrant textiles and trinkets.

Unwind amidst the Jozani Forest Reserve

Escape to the serene environment of the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park, home to the rare Zanzibar red colobus monkey. Traverse the park's nature trails, witness the rich biodiversity, and explore its mangrove boardwalk for a serene encounter with nature.

Experience the allure of the Old Fort

Known as Boma la Kale la Zanzibar, the Old Fort is the oldest building in Stone Town. This Omani structure houses a cultural centre, a restaurant, curio shops, and an amphitheatre where you can witness traditional dance and music performances.

Imbibe the soul of Zanzibar at Forodhani Market

Experience the lively atmosphere at Forodhani Market. This seaside marketplace comes alive every evening with vendors offering seafood skewers, tropical fruits, and local delicacies. It's an ideal spot to interact with locals and immerse yourself further in the Zanzibari culture.

Delve into the spice route history

Zanzibar's spice trade history comes to life in the lush plantations sprinkled across the island. Take a guided tour through these amazing farms abundant with cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper and discover why Zanzibar is fondly known as the 'Spice Island'.

Food and Drink

Venture a gastronomic journey in Zanzibar, where a fusion of African, Arab, and Indian flavours is waiting to tantalise your taste buds.

Bite into the Zanzibari Pizza

Unlike your traditional pizza, the Zanzibari version is a hearty stuffed flatbread filled with a medley of ingredients – a must-try at the Forodhani Market.

Treat yourself to Biriani

Biriani, a spiced rice dish cooked with meat or fish, is a Zanzibari favourite. And for a sweet finish, indulge in kashata, a peanut-based treat.

Sample the local fruit

Experience a fruit tasting at the spice plantations and prepare to be embraced by a symphony of exotic flavours – from the creamy durian and zesty tangerines to the sweet soursop.

Sip on some Dawa

Muddle your own Dawa – a refreshing cocktail of white rum, honey, lime and ice - at any of the local bars, a popular sundowner amongst tourists and locals alike.

Dive into the seafood extravaganza

Experience seafood at its freshest – from juicy prawns to succulent octopus, usually served either grilled or in a coconut-based curry sauce.

Destination Essentials

Blessed with a tropical climate, Zanzibar offers a warm and sunny welcome all year round. For those bringing forth an appetite for a beach holiday and diving adventure, the dry season of June to October is ideal, boasting clear skies and calm seas.

Albeit, if avoiding the crowd is your priority and a bit of rain is no deterrence, choose the short rainy season from November to December. Prices fall, crowd thins, and the island lusciously blooms, giving you ample opportunities to explore the natural landscape in tranquillity. Keep in mind, Zanzibar dons its liveliest colours in January and February, showcasing a blend of culture and celebrations with festivals like Sauti za Busara and Zanzibar International Film Festival.

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