Khao Lak Holidays

If you're seeking a serene coastal escape in Thailand that gracefully merges natural beauty with cultural richness, allow us to introduce you to Khao Lak. Nestled in the sun-kissed province of Phang Nga, this captivating destination, once known as Takola, now emerges as a treasured sanctuary for holidaymakers.

With its impressive landscapes that dance between emerald forested mountains and crystalline Andaman Sea, traditional Thai charm combined with luxurious beachfront accommodations, Khao Lak offers an unforgettable retreat ideal for those hankering after a slice of paradise.

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Things to See and Do

Beyond its acclaimed beaches, Khao Lak offers a wealth of memorable experiences waiting to be discovered. Ancient customs, mouth-watering cuisine, captivating parks, and engaging tours will all factor in an adventure that will enrich your Thai holiday experience immensely. Here's what to consider:

Savour gourmet delights at The Sarojin

World-class dining experiences await at the Sarojin’s The Edge, The Beach Bar and Ficus restaurants. Savour an assortment of exquisite Thai and Mediterranean dishes, catered to different dietary requirements, as you revel in the stunning views.

Embark on an adventure with Khaolak Vista Tours & Travel

Khaolak Vista Tours & Travel curates fantastic day trips and customised tours that take you to popular spots such as Khaosok and Phang Nga Bay. Choose from their variety of tours, promising high-quality, safe and satisfying escapades suitable for all price ranges.

Explore the wonders of Khao Lak-Lam Ru National Park

Rich in biodiversity and beautiful landscapes, this park boasts a collection of hiking trails, smaller beaches, and a popular waterfall, Ton Chong Fa. Please note that guide assistance is needed for the hiking trails.

Delight in Khao Lak's Historical Stature

Embrace Khao Lak's fascinating history, which was once a vital trading post on the Maritime Silk Route. Its resurrection post the devastating 2004 Tsunami has been phenomenal, with new hotels, replanting programmes and an effective early-warning system.

Be swept away by the story of The Impossible

Brace yourself for an emotional journey as you visit the locations where the 2012 film "The Impossible," based on a family's survival tale during the 2004 Tsunami, was shot.

Destination Essentials

To experience Khao Lak at its finest, consider visiting between December and March when the weather is agreeably pleasant, boasting regular sunny days perfect for beach escapes or jungle explorations.

As this period is considered the high season, anticipate a higher number of tourists. Nevertheless, the aura of serenity that Khao Lak is renowned for prevails, promising a relaxing, unwinding experience that truly personifies a perfect holiday.

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