Krabi Holidays

Drifting lazily on Thailand’s west coast, lies the postcard-perfect paradise of Krabi. The sandy shores, azure waters and towering cliffs exuding vibrant splashes of colourful vegetation creates a landscape that is nothing short of picture-perfect, attracting sun-seekers and adventurers from all around the world.

Whether you're a relaxation enthusiast, a history buff, a nature junkie, or a foodie, you'll find something irresistible in Krabi. From stunning beaches and incredible rock formations to tantalising dishes and captivating cultural experiences, your holiday in Krabi promises to be a once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

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Things to See and Do

In a myriad of sun-kissed beaches, serene temples, outdoor adventure activities, and bustling markets, Krabi promises a world of experiences. Prepare to be tantalised by the breathtaking beauty, unexpected thrills, and layers of rich history visible in every corner of this heavenly province. Let's dive into some highlights that should absolutely make your must-see list.

Khao Khanab Nam

Embark on a remarkable boat ride to Khao Khanab Nam. The towering limestone hills, with their magnificent caves and prehistoric relics, are a sight to behold. Start your journey from Chao Fah Pier in Krabi Town, and immerse yourself in the calm and tranquil aura of this incredible site.

Mud Crabs Sculpture

Don't miss the famous Mud Crabs Sculpture, an work of art representing the rich wildlife in Krabi, with the stunning Khao Khanap Nam mountain as its backdrop. For a fuller experience, negotiate a tour on the Krabi River, traversing mangrove tunnels and taking in breathtaking views.

Princess Cave on Phra Nang Beach

Satisfy your adventuring spirit by visiting the glorious Princess Cave on Phra Nang Beach. Reachable by boat or trail, this sacred site is filled with stunning rock formations, crystalline waves, and offers endless opportunities for relaxation and exploration.

Krabi Activities

If you have an enthusiasm for indoor activities, Krabi is not short on options either. Meander through the quaint local markets, or sign up for a traditional Thai cooking class, and take a piece of Krabi back home with you.

Rai Leh Beach

Finally, for the thrill seekers, bask in the grandeur of Rai Leh beach. Known for its towering limestone cliffs, there are endless opportunities for rock climbing and other exciting ventures.

Food and Drink

Krabi offers a gastronomical journey truly worth embarking upon. Delight in savouring the rich, spicy, and delicious Thai culinary heritage, which is a delightful mix of unique flavours, fresh ingredients and impressive presentation.

Pad Thai

Start with a dish of Pad Thai, the classic Thai noodle meal cooked with a mixture of fresh seafood. Delve into green or red Thai curry served with steamed jasmine rice for a rich and hearty meal.

Mango Sticky Rice

For dessert, try mango sticky rice, a traditional dish with juicy mangoes paired with sweet, sticky rice.

Singha or Chang

Don't forget to sample a chilled Singha or Chang, the popular local beers. Or, if you have a taste for cocktails, why not sip on a Piña Colada while lounging on a beachside shack?

Destination Essentials

With a tropical monsoon climate, Krabi offers high temperatures all year round. However, the most pleasant times to visit are between December and March, when the weather is more settled. These months are graced with sunny days, less rainfall, and enticing weather for beach activities.

For the most budget-friendly travel, consider visiting during the off-peak season, around May to November. There is more rain during these months, but attractions are less crowded and prices are considerably cheaper, particularly for accommodation. It's all about deciding what's most important for your perfect holiday experience.

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