Phi Phi Islands Holidays

The ethereal beauty of the Phi Phi Islands in Thailand has only been furthered by fame from film and enticing travellers worldwide. Nestled between the bustling Phuket Island and the coast of Thailand, these emerald gems glimmer invitingly in the stunning Andaman Sea.

Whether you're lured by the impressive peaks of limestone mountains, the charm of locals who call vibrant villages home, or the chance to swim in the stunning turquoise waters synonymous with the South East Asian coastline, the Phi Phi Islands offer an idyllic escape that transcends simple tourism – it's pure magic.

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Things to See and Do

From the shimmery shores to the delightful diversity of marine life, Phi Phi Islands are replete with incredible sights and experiences sure to captivate any visitor. Here are some of the splendid highlights you won’t want to miss.

Food and Drink

Experience the bold flavours of Thai food on the Phi Phi Islands, where the freshest ingredients meet traditional recipes. From sizzling street food stalls to the elegant set tables of luxury restaurants, here's where you can find palate-pleasing happiness.

Destination Essentials

When planning your paradise escape to Phi Phi Islands, timing could be the key to your ultimate enjoyment. If the words 'pleasant' and 'low humidity' already have you packing your bags, aim to set foot on the islands between November and March.


The Phi Phi Islands are world-renowned for their magnificent beaches. Each one unique, these shores offer dazzling white sand, crystal clear waters, and breathtaking views that never fail to amaze. Here's where you can soak in the sun.

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