United Arab Emirates Holidays

Let us journey to a land where the sun touches sparkling towers and ancient, sandy dunes stretch far as the eye can behold. Welcome to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), a paradise that unifies tradition with modernity in the most splendid way. Unbeknownst to many, the UAE offers more than just the architectural allure of Dubai. Each of its seven distinguished emirates regales visitors with unique experiences. Indulge in luxury shopping or unwind at the beach; explore traditional souks or venture on a desert safari; immerse yourself in cultural festivities or savour culinary enchantments - the UAE has it all.

Whether you're a duo seeking romance, a family pursuing sun-soaked fun, or comrades with a shared thirst for adventure, the UAE is an inviting holiday destination that caters to all, irrespective of budget. From beach retreats and all-inclusive luxury hotels to desert escapades and vibrant city life, discover the dynamic spirit of the Middle East in the United Arab Emirates.


From bustling cities to tranquil oases, the UAE features a diverse range of destinations each boasting its own unique charm and attractions. Let us embolden your journey through the likes of the glorious metropolis of Dubai, the culturally-rich Abu Dhabi, and beyond.


Dubai teems with iconic landmarks, posh resorts, and shopping havens. Behold the majesty of the Burj Khalifa, explore the mystical lanes of Old Dubai, or indulge in retail therapy at the Mall of the Emirates. Perfect for a myriad of holidaymakers, Dubai marries luxury with adventure.

Abu Dhabi

A cultural epicentre, Abu Dhabi enthrals with its majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, thrilling Ferrari World, and informative Louvre Museum. The city is a melting pot of Arabian culture, history, and modern grandeur.


With a deep appreciation for arts and history, Sharjah, known as the 'Cultural Capital of the UAE', brims with museums, art galleries, and heritage areas. Its tranquil beaches offer a refreshing escape from the city's cultural immersion.


The smallest of the Emirates, Ajman, offers a quaint retreat from the bustling cities. Its pristine beaches and traditional culture provide a serene backdrop for a relaxing holiday.


Renowned for its breathtaking Hajar mountains and ancient fortresses, Fujairah is an adventurer's playground. The Emirate also boasts pristine shores, making it an idyllic destination for both exploration and relaxation.

Where to Stay

Choosing your perfect spot in the UAE largely depends on your holiday aspirations. From the pulsating heart of Dubai to the serene beaches of Ajman, we reveal top spots in the UAE to make your holiday dreams come true.

For a family holiday

Dubai’s plethora of attractions, including water parks, theme parks, and beaches, make it an extraordinary destination for families. The capital, Abu Dhabi, also offers a blend of educational and entertainment options, suited well for a family trip.

For a couples holiday

Romancing couples will find the tranquil beaches and luxury resorts of Ajman utterly charming. Dubai’s mesmerising skyline and culinary scene, along with Abu Dhabi’s cultural treasures, offer ample options for a romantic escapade.

For a holiday with friends

For a friends' reunion or celebratory getaway, Dubai’s dynamic nightlife and adventure sports make for an exciting trip. Fujairah’s diving sites and hiking opportunities add an adventure flare to a holiday with pals.

When to Visit

The UAE shines brightest between October and April when the country relishes its cool winter with temperatures averaging around 24°C. This ideal climate welcomes beach outings, outdoor adventures, and the much-anticipated shopping festivals. However, travelling during the scorching summer months, from May to September, might appeal to those seeking exceptional deals, with most activities, including shopping and entertainment, available in air-conditioned indoors. Keep in mind, though, that Ramadan, observed for a month, changes the pace of life with shorter working hours and restrictions on food and drinks during daylight hours.

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