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Nestled in the heart of Rome, Vatican City is the world's smallest state yet it bursts with grandeur and heritage. Teeming with art, history, and a unique sense of spirituality, this tiny ecclesiastical state is a must-visit location for all - couples, families, or groups of friends. Equally appealing to the culturally curious, devout pilgrims or history buffs, Vatican City is an enriching destination that captivates minds and hearts alike with stories of power, faith, and architectural mastery. Whether you're an art enthusiast seeking inspiration, or you wish to bask in its profound serenity, Vatican City doesn't disappoint any holidaymakers.

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In the heart of Rome is Vatican City, a trove of artistic and architectural marvels that beguile all who visit. From breath-taking basilicas, historic museums, to a world-renowned library, the Vatican city offers memorable treasures waiting to be discovered.

Vatican Museums

Home to an abundant collection of art and archaeological findings gathered by the Popes over centuries, a journey through the labyrinthine Vatican Museums is like a journey through time, where each turn uncovers the pages of history.

St Peter's Basilica

The magnificent St Peter's Basilica stands regal with its splendid dome that dominates the Roman skyline. Designed by Michelangelo, its awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur makes it the crown jewel of Vatican City.

Vatican Gardens

These beautifully manicured gardens masking two-thirds of the city are a green oasis of tranquillity. With fountains, grottoes and sculptures interspersed between flourishing greenery, the Vatican Gardens are a sanctuary amidst this holy city.

Sistine Chapel

Stunning frescoes by Michelangelo adorn the lofty Sistine Chapel, where the ceiling presents the genesis narrative and the altar wall features the Last Judgement. As the Papal Conclave's election ground, it's an icon of world history.

Apostolic Palace

Serving as the Pope's residence, the Apostolic Palace holds artistic and symbolic relevance. It is a marvel of artistry, with Raphael Rooms showcasing the masterpieces of Raphael and his pupils.

Where to Stay

Within close proximity to the Vatican City, areas such as Prati, Borgo, and Aurelio offer an array of hotel choices with various budgets to accommodate every traveller, from those seeking the glamour of luxury stays to those preferring more budget-friendly lodgings.

For a family holiday

Aurelio provides a family-friendly base with its peaceful atmosphere. Located west of Vatican City, it's serviced by excellent public transport, allowing easy access to other Roman attractions.

For a couples holiday

The elegant neighbourhood of Prati is an ideal choice for couples seeking romantic ambience added with the convenience of local eateries, shops and easy access to a multitude of city attractions including the Vatican City.

For a holiday with friends

Friends can opt for Borgo's vibrant neighbourhood. With plenty of bars, restaurants, and easy accessibility to main attractions, it's a perfect place to experience the Roman nights and navigate through Rome to the fullest.

When to Visit

The enchanting Vatican City is a year-round destination offering various experiences throughout the seasons.

Peak season between May and September draws larger crowds due to pleasant weather, making it ideal for outdoor explorations and enjoying the grandeur of Vatican City in its full glory. Be prepared though for queues, especially if you visit during religious holidays.

For a more peaceful exploration, consider visiting between November and March, aside from Christmas when crowds surge. Winter might bring a chill, but it doesn't impede the enjoyment of the city's indoors such as museums and chapels. During this time, you can dive deep into the treasures of Vatican City at a leisurely pace.

Should you want to attend the Papal Audience, plan to visit on a Wednesday, ensuring to book a pass in advance. No matter when you decide to visit, Vatican City's magnificence and spiritual resonance always impress.

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