Zambia Holidays

Utterly unspoilt landscapes from expansive savannahs to rolling hills and valleys, splendid water formations including cascades, rivers, and one of the world's most spectacular waterfalls, an unbelievably diverse wildlife population, and a deep-rooted culture that is truly captivating, Zambia offers travellers a truly magical, spellbinding experience.

Whether you’re planning an adventurous trek with friends, on a romantic getaway exploratory journey with your significant other or a meaningful family holiday to someplace new and richly rewarding, Zambia's potential will captivate you. Experience the untouched nature, the comfort of breezy luxury lodges and a vast range of exhilarating activities like wildlife safari, river cruises and more, each tailored to your budget and interests. Welcome to Zambia, where nature and adventure combine to offer an idyllic vacation unlike any other.


Boasting a plethora of enticing destinations with unique attractions, Zambia offers holiday destinations for all. Discover locations teeming with wildlife, rich history and bustling metropolises. Let’s travel through Zambia's most coveted destinations, including the energetic Lusaka to iconic Victoria Falls.


The thriving, dynamic capital of Zambia, Lusaka offers a unique blend of modernity and distinct historical charm. With bustling markets, contemporary restaurants, and intriguing museums, Lusaka has plenty to fascinate every kind of traveller.

Victoria Falls

Well-known worldwide and referred to locally as the “Smoke that Thunders,” Victoria Falls is an absolute must-see. The breathtaking waterfall nestled on the Zambezi River entices not only sight-seers but also thrill-seekers eager to experience the adventurous activities on offer.

South Luangwa National Park

Considered one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries worldwide, South Luangwa National Park promises an unparalleled wildlife viewing experience, boasting an array of wildlife, including the native Thornicroft’s giraffe.


Steeped in history and famous for its breathtaking views adjacent to Victoria Falls, Livingstone is indeed one of Zambia’s crown jewels. Here, visitors can enjoy exciting river cruises, a vibrant dining scene, and historical tours through its colonial history.

Kafue National Park

Kafue, one of the largest national parks in Africa, prides itself on its immense wildlife diversity. From lions to elephants, antelopes, and hundreds of bird species, wildlife enthusiasts will indeed be left in awe.

Where to Stay

Whether you are seeking a lavish urban hotel, a serene riverside lodge, or a classy tented safari camp, Zambia provides accommodations for every preference. Let’s explore some of Zambia's top lodging locations.

For a family holiday

Consider taking your family vacation to Livingstone, where you'll have the chance to stay at luxurious family-friendly resorts located conveniently close to Victoria Falls with ample activities that children and adults alike will find delightful.

For a romantic holiday

For couples, the luxury tented camps located in the heart of South Luangwa National Park provide a romantic getaway with wildlife safaris, stargazing, and the opportunity to dine amidst the wilderness.

For a holiday with friends

If you're planning a holiday with your friends, the bustling city of Lusaka, with its numerous hotels and lodges, gives you access to an array of eateries, shopping centres, and exciting nightlife.

When to Visit

Though Zambia, with its moderate tropical climate, presents visitors with pleasant weather year-round, April to November is considered an excellent time to visit the country. During this period, the end of the rainy season brings life to Zambia's verdant landscapes and wildlife.

If you're planning a safari, the period from August to November is ideal due to the lower vegetation and increased wildlife visibility. Conversely, travelling between December and April invites the opportunity to witness Zambia's vibrant birdlife during the rainy season. Bear in mind, however, that some of Zambia's regions can be quite challenging to access during this time due to the rainfall.

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