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Boundlessly captivating, Sharm El Sheikh is a city where the sun and sea meet in glorious harmony. Praised as the ‘City of Peace’, this Egyptian treasure rests on the edge of the Red Sea, with a long-standing reputation that's as vibrant as its underwater panoramas. Renowned as a divine playground for sun worshippers and water sports fans alike, the city’s splendour beckons travellers from all walks of life.

From the chic opulence of the Four Seasons to the welcoming allure of Marriott and Hyatt, Sharm El Sheikh hosts a plethora of hotels fitting for any budget. Whether you're a family seeking adventure, a couple on a romantic escape, or friends pursuing an unforgettable experience, allow Lycafly to guide you towards the perfect accommodation for your Egyptian journey.

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Perched on the southernmost tip of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, Sharm El Sheikh exudes a vibrant blend of cultural, historical, and natural elements. Originally a humble fishing village, the city has since flourished into a thriving tourism hotspot, drawing in international conferences and key diplomatic meetings. This tranquil city, adorned with an assortment of high-end resorts and family-friendly hotels, gracefully straddles the transition between its humble origins and its contemporary stature.

With an arid subtropical climate, temperatures in Sharm El Sheikh peak at around 33 to 37 °C in August, and drop to a range of 18 to 23 °C in January providing an inviting climate for travellers all year round. The bustling city's lifeline certainly lies in the thriving tourism industry; its vast array of leisurely activities, from scuba diving to windsurfing, and boating, keep visitors enchanted and entertained. The breathtaking underwater landscapes also offer unparalleled opportunities for snorkelling and exploration.

Dotted with abundant attractions like Ras Mohammed National Park and the Nabq Managed Resource Protected Area, Sharm El Sheikh ensures every guest's encounter is packed with awe and wonder. Coupled with its efficient transportation system and a wealth of facilities, the city continues to impress its visitors. Despite the challenges it faced with the 2005 terrorist attacks and the 2015 plane bombing, the consistent efforts from the authorities have led to the gradual lifting of flight suspensions and the rebuilding of a secure and safe tourism environment.

When to visit Sharm El Sheikh

The ideal time to visit Sharm El Sheikh ranges from April to October, with the climate being favourable for family outings. The city's unique geographical position produces an intriguing mix of temperature, precipitation, and sunshine creating the perfect backdrop for your holiday memories.

Turn your dreams of a beach vacation into a reality as you explore nearby destinations like the charming city of Dahab; or immerse yourself in the colourful cultural and historical displays at the Sharm Old Market. Whatever your holiday genre, Sharm El Sheikh caters to all types of travellers and their varied interests. Using our meticulous filters, you can find the perfect hotel for your holiday, be it based on location, ratings, budget, or specific amenities. Find your perfect holiday home-away-from-home with Lycafly today.

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