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Like a rich tapestry woven with cultural heritage, magnificent art, and an irresistible food scene, Italy is a country that lures travellers from all over the globe. Divine hotels, stretching from chic Rome, peaceful Tuscany, to the refreshing shores of Lake Como paint a picture quite as diverse and captivating as the country itself.

Be it a family-friendly retreat amidst the blooming wildflowers of spring, a romantic getaway during the tranquil autumn season, or a spectacular suite offering splendid views of the city, Italy has something for everyone. Unearth the perfect stay for your Italian sojourn with LycaFly today.

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Steeped in profound history, Italy has been the cradle of civilisations such as the Italic peoples and the Etruscans, and later, the mighty Roman Empire. It was here that the artistic and scholarly movement of the Renaissance was born, blossoming to touch every corner of Europe. After a voyage of political fragmentation and foreign invasions, Italy unified in 1861 springing into prominence as the eighth-largest economy in the world today.

Brimming with a wealth of world heritage sites, Italy wears the badge of cultural superpower. Significant inroads in art, music, literature, and philosophy are reflective of the Italian penchant for finer things in life. With every city echoing a tale and every alley resonating with historical episodes, Italy has a distinct identity etched in its landscapes.

As a result of centuries-old legacy left behind by Rome, the Italian language, culture, and religion have left a lasting influence on Western civilisation. From the indigenous Etruscans to various migratory tribes, Italy has been a melting pot of diverse cultures that have enriched its heritage.

When to visit Italy

Italy ushers in tourists all year round with an array of festivals and celebrations. However, the best time for a family holiday is between spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November). The temperate weather facilitates pleasant exploration, and escaping the summer crowds lets you understand Italy at your own pace.

Spring dances with blooming wildflowers, setting stages for various festive events and warm sunny days, perfect for soaking in the vibrancy of Italy. Autumn brings with it cooler climates, rustic hues of the grape harvest, and quieter cities for thorough sightseeing, not to mention regional harvest and food festivals in October.

Whether you're captivated by the colourful pageantry of Carnevale, the religious fervour during Easter, delving into the truffle season in November, or being a part of the magnificent Venice International Film Festival in August and September, Italy promises a carnival of experiences regardless of when you choose to visit.

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