Buenos Aires Holidays

Buenos Aires, Argentina's pulsating, serene capital, radiates an infectious spirit impossible to resist. Its enchanting architecture, suffused with remnants of European grandeur, and the incandescent, multicultural energy make it an irresistible holiday destination.

With a cityscape that blends the new and old, mixing the dazzling skyscrapers with time-worn colonial structures, a journey to Buenos Aires takes you through a diverse and thrilling cultural lifetime. From high-end fashion hubs to clandestine tango parlours and vibrant football culture, Buenos Aires ensures there's something for everyone.

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Things to See and Do

Buenos Aires reverberates with an array of attractions for the travel enthusiast. Be it historical architecture, vibrant city squares or fascinating museums, this Argentine capital promises an enticing cultural treat at every corner.

Unravel the past at the Block of the Lights Historical-Cultural Complex

Nestled within Buenos Aires, the complex presents a fascinating insight into the city's rich history. Soak up the beautiful exhibitions and step outside to explore nearby treasures like the Latin American Art Museum and the Evita Museum.

Immerse in the political history at Plaza de Mayo

Being the nucleus of major historical events and fervent political rallies, Plaza de Mayo is a symbol of Argentine political activism. Be sure to marvel at the beautifully kept buildings like the Cabildo and the Casa Rosada that house the square.

Dive into interactive learning at Museo Histórico Nacional del Cabildo y la Revolución de Mayo

An interactive museum that allows children to explore various professions through role-play; don't miss a real tram ride through the traditional Caballito neighbourhood while you're there.

Explore Buenos Aires' vibrant nightlife

Known for its animated nightlife, visit the city's underground tango clubs to join the pulsating dance parties. Step into the world of Milongas and sip on some fine Malbec as you watch tango in its authentic setting.

Feast your senses in Palermo District

Enjoy Buenos Aires' cosmopolitan streak in the trendy Palermo District, teeming with boutiques, art studios, and hipster cafes. The Botanical Gardens and Japanese Gardens set amidst this district offer a tranquil escape from the city hustle.

Destination Essentials

The best time to holiday in Buenos Aires is between November to February or in July, providing an opportunity to explore the city at its most vibrant. The exuberant carnival and festival season starts in late February, where the city streets come alive with music, dance, and parades.

For those yearning for a quiet exploration, the less crowded spring (September-November) or autumn (March-May) seasons offer a temperate climate, perfect for exploring the city's architectural marvels and cultural treasures. The infamous Mendoza wine valleys also come alive during these seasons, offering an enticing side trip for wine enthusiasts.

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