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Nestling in the foothills of Argentina's Sierras Chicas lays Cordoba, the country's vibrant and energetic second city. The city is packed with captivating colonial architecture, rich heritage sites, and a pulsating food and drink scene, ensuring a trip that quenches both cultural thirsts and epicurean desires.

Whether you're a history aficionado, food enthusiast, or simply seeking to explore one of South America's lesser-known gems, Cordoba will be sure to leave you mesmerised. This guide highlights the best this sparkling city has to offer, from its UNESCO World Heritage Sites to electrifying social movements and delectable delicacies.

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Things to See and Do

Intriguing historical sites, cultural venues, parks pulsing with life, and so much more – Cordoba offers a myriad of experiences to its visitors. Prepare to be enthralled by the diversity and richness of the city’s history, art scene, and shared spaces.

Cripta Jesuítica

Immerse yourself in the mysteries of the Cripta Jesuítica. Far below the bustling streets of Cordoba lies an 18th-century crypt steeped in intriguing tales of Jesuit life. The site's rich tapestry of history unfolds as you wander through the subterranean passageways and explore its secrets hidden for almost two centuries.

Sarmiento Park

Catch local culture in action in Sarmiento Park, the most expansive public park in the city. Sample the vivacious Argentinian lifestyle as you stroll amidst the rose garden, visit the park's museums, or simply lounge and watch the world go by.

UNC Historical Museum - Manzana Jesuítica

Travel back in time at the UNC Historical Museum - Manzana Jesuítica. Roam through the university campus, absorb the potent history of the Jesuit community, and engage with displays encapsulating the rich religious and cultural heritage that has shaped the city.

Cordoba's thriving art scene

Cordoba's thriving art scene comes alive in a myriad of galleries and theatre performances while the lively Cordobazo celebrations offer a vibrant social experience not to be missed.

Food and Drink

Argentina's culinary scene is more than just steaks and empanadas, and Cordoba is the perfect embodiment of this diverse gastronomy.

Savour a hearty Asado

Argentina's renowned grilled meat dish, cooked to perfection on a traditional parrilla grill in one of the city's Parillas. Enjoy the succulent cuts of meat alongside a glass of locally-produced Malbec wine for an authentic culinary experience.

Embrace Cordoba's Italian heritage

By enjoying fresh-made pasta at the city's Italian trattorias. Complemented by a generous layer of ricotta or reggiano, this pasta perfectly embodies the intersection between Argentina's heritage and its Italian influence.

Sweet-toothed visitors will delight in the creamy Alfajores

A traditional biscuit synonymous with not just Cordoba, but Argentina as a whole. Best enjoyed with a cup of local mate tea, these delectable treats offer a taste of Argentina's sweet side.

Explore local markets and street food stalls

Offering a range of South American delights. From the multi-layered Milanesa to juicy Choripán sausages, the streets of Cordoba are a gastronome's paradise.

Destination Essentials

To truly capture the spirit of Cordoba, plan a trip during the pleasant winter months of May to September when the weather is mild with less rainfall. Late December also offers warmer temperatures, perfect for escaping the European winter chill. Remember, Cordoba experiences a humid subtropical climate, so plan activities accordingly.

Cordoba bears the marks of its complex history, its identity stitched together with architectural elegance, rich heritage and an intoxicating blend of cultures. Whether delving into history, feasting on Argentine cuisine or simply soaking up the city's lively atmosphere, Cordoba keeps every type of traveller thoroughly entertained and endlessly intrigued.

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