Belgium City Breaks

Charmingly sandwiched between the Netherlands, Germany, France, Luxembourg, and the North Sea, lies Belgium - a captivating tapestry of medieval towns, cosmopolitan cities, and picturesque countryside. This compact, yet utterly enchanting country lends itself brilliantly to invigorating city breaks. Whether you're a history buff, a foodie, an art enthusiast, or just searching for the perfect mix of relaxation and exploration, Belgium offers memorable experiences for every holidaymaker catering to varied interests and budgets.


From majestic architectural marvels, touching war memorials, and engaging museums to vibrant squares and cutting-edge attractions, Belgium is a treasure trove of sights that is sure to ignite your wanderlust. Here's a glimpse at some must-visit places during your city break.

Visit the visionary Atomium

Venture to Brussels to witness the Atomium, an avant-garde structure symbolic of tech-optimism. Indulge in a unique panorama of the city from its upper sphere and traverse through its exhibit halls showcasing Belgian history and digital arts.

Immerse yourself in the Grand Place

Stored in the heart of Brussels is the stunning Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Admire the elegant guild houses, the intricate city hall and let the vibrant energy of this place sweep you away.

Embrace the serenity of Gravensteen

Escape to Ghent to discover Gravensteen, a medieval fortress imbued with a rich history. Explore the museum within its walls and appreciate the convergence of regal and grim during your visit to the torture chamber.

Experience unprecedented city views from Antwerp's Cathedral of Our Lady

Wind your way up the slender towers of Antwerp's remarkable Cathedral of Our Lady. Soak in unmatched views of the city below and admire its breathtaking interior littered with exquisitely grand artworks.

Explore the romantic corners of Bruges

Amble along the hypnotic cobbled lanes of Bruges, abound with fairytale charm. Take a boat ride along the enchanting canals and relish the tapestry of splendid houses and calming greenery.

Food & Drink

Indulge in Belgium's rich iconic flavours and gastronomic delight that transcends borders and satiates every palate.

Relish Belgian Waffles

Start your day with a toothsome Belgian waffle, which can be either crisp and crunchy (Brussels version) or soft and gooey (Liege version). Pair it with a warm cuppa at Maison Dandoy.

Savour Belgian Fries

Experience the cult classic Belgian fries, typically tender and golden, served in a paper cone at any local Friteries. Don't forget to dunk them in a hearty dollop of mayonnaise.

Relish Seafood in Ostend

Head to Ostend for a seafood feast. Try tempting dishes like Tomate-Crevettes at De Oesterput, a charming and bustling eatery renowned for its finesse in seafood flavours.

Discover the world of Chocolates

Embark on a delicious journey through any of Belgium's countless chocolatiers. Sample premier pralines at Mary’s royal chocolatier.

Revel in Belgian Beer

End your day at a local pub and enjoy the unparalleled pleasure of sipping on Belgian beer. Try one at Stella Artois' brewery in Leuven.

City Essentials

Belgium welcomes you all year round with open arms, lending its charm to holidays and city breaks alike.

For those seeking picturesque countryside views and astonishing blossoms, spring (April to June) is a great time to explore Belgium. Spring also welcomes fairly affordable rates and less crowd.

Summer months (July to August) are perfect for the sun-seeking souls, with exciting festivals like Brussels Summer Festival and Tomorrowland. Remember to book in advance as it's peak season.

Autumn (September to October) is ideal for enjoying fall colours with a hint of nip in the air, perfect for nature walks and cultural events.

Winter (November to March) transforms Belgium into a winter wonderland with glittering Christmas markets and jubilant carnivals. Remember to pack your woollens.


Belgium is not just about lovely days, its nights too pulsate with excitement and myriad experiences.

Experience the vibrant and stylish nightlife of Brussels with its varied options ranging from jazz cafes to techno clubs. Explore the dynamic bars of Place Saint-Géry for a night to remember.

Ghent, the city that never sleeps, offers you an electrifying nightlife with its numerous bars, riverside hangouts, and music festivals.

Antwerp is known for its late-night gigs. Dive into the pulsating scene at Café d'Anvers or Red & Blue to dance until dawn.

Look beyond the hustle and discover the charming serenity of Bruges after twilight. A leisurely stroll around its enchanting, well-lit buildings under a starry sky is indeed inimitably romantic.

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