Belgium Holidays

From captivating cities steeped in history and culture to tranquil countryside landscapes and dazzling sandy dunes on North Sea coast, Belgium has unique charm on offer for every kind of traveller. Whether you're seeking a cosy haven for two, planning a lively holiday with your friends or going on a delightful adventure with your family, Belgium offers a plethora of choices tailored for diverse budgets and preferences. Indulge in renowned Belgian gastronomy, journey into the past through well-preserved architecture, or explore the lesser-known corners tucked away off the beaten track. You're sure to have an unforgettable experience in this beautiful country.


Brimming with colourful cityscapes, enchanting heritage towns, and alluring coastal retreats, Belgium offers an array of holiday destinations to meet the likings of varying visitors. Here we share our favourites, from the cosmopolitan charms of Brussels to the quiet seaside town of De Haan.


The vibrant capital city, Brussels, is a cultural melting pot teeming with history and sophistication. Visit the iconic Atomium, discover the comic strip murals dotted around the city, and tuck into some world-famous Belgian waffles.


Renowned for its medieval streets and unspoiled architecture, Bruges, also known as the 'Venice of the North', is a visual delight. Explore its historic centre, try Belgian beers, and take a romantic boat trip on its tranquil canals.


A charming fusion of modern life and rich history, Ghent offers a fantastic array of medieval landmarks, including the imposing Gravensteen Castle and the St Bavo’s Cathedral, home to the famous Ghent Altarpiece.


Antwerp casts a spell on its visitors with its exquisite diamond trade, renowned fashion, and bustling nightlife. The stunning Cathedral of Our Lady and Antwerp’s Royal Museum of Fine Arts are must-visits for culture enthusiasts.

De Haan

If you're after a tranquil retreat, the small coastal town of De Haan offers a peaceful seafront, picturesque Belle Époque architecture, and vast sand dunes, ideal for a relaxing break.

Where to Stay

Belgium's diverse offerings include everything from posh city hotels to charming countryside bed and breakfasts, catering to all sorts of holidaying needs. Here are our top picks for where to stay in Belgium, no matter who's in your travel group.

For a family holiday

Bruges, with its magnificent medieval charm, is an excellent choice for family outings – explore city sights, take a leisurely boat ride, or indulge in some delectable chocolate treats. Coastally-aligned Oostende is another great suggestion for a family-oriented beach holiday.

For a couples holiday

Antwerp's romantic flair makes it a favourite for couples. Explore dazzling diamond markets, elegant fashion boutiques, and cosy cafes. Alternatively, opt for a countryside retreat amidst the tranquil rolling hills of the Ardennes.

For a holiday with friends

A jaunt to Brussels is perfect for a friendly get-together. Discover its vibrant art scene, gastronomical delights and enjoy its pulsating nightlife. The lesser-trodden paths of Liege, boasting a thriving coffee culture and impressive landmarks, is another worthy option to consider.

When to Visit

Belgium's moderate and temperate maritime climate makes it a practical destination all year round, with each season offering its own distinct charm. The busiest period is from May to September where days are longer and warmer, making it an ideal time to discover Belgium's outdoor attractions and festivals.

Autumn offers a quieter yet no less delightful visitation period. The golden hues of foliage add a distinctive charm to the cities and countryside alike. February's relatively subdued crowd presents an attractive proposition for those seeking a cosy winter get-away and you might even get the chance to join in the festivities of carnival season. Regardless of when you choose to visit, Belgium is bound to present a memorable setting for your holiday.

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