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Borovets, an inviting mountain retreat nestled on the northern slopes of Bulgaria's Rila Mountain, is a captivating merger of natural beauty and rich history. Founded in 1896 as a hunting ground for Bulgarian rulers, this wondrous town has since evolved into a modern ski resort.

Complete with a variety of hotels, rave-reviewed restaurants, and an extensive network of ski runs and lifts, Borovets is not just a winter haven, it's an all-year-round destination with oodles to offer. Whether you're eager about breathtaking hikes, thrilling bike rides, or enchanting nights lit with the glow of ski lights, Borovets will not disappoint.

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Things to See and Do

Borovets, the oldest Bulgarian winter resort, is rife with captivating attractions sure to keep its visitors entertained and yearning for more. Whether you're an outdoor enthusiast or a lover of luxury, you are certain to stumble upon something perfect for you. Step into this wondrous blend of history and modernity.

Inhale the Fresh Air at the Super Borovets Project

At the heart of this resort town expansion is the new Super Borovets Project. This grand endeavour plans to incorporate the neighbouring towns of Samokov and Beli Iskar. Besides new hotel developments, it offers an exciting landscape for hiking, mountain biking, and soaking in stunning views.

Make Memories with Varied Activities

Borovets offers a richly varied blend of activities. Spend a sunny day horseback riding, channel your inner Picasso with a round of paintball, or enjoy the unique thrill of paragliding. There's always an adventure waiting around the corner in Borovets.

Experience Skiing at Different Levels

Catering to all types of tourists, the resort boasts three ski levels allowing both beginners and seasoned skiers to enjoy their snowy escapade. Each level features a myriad of ski runs and lifts, ensuring endless fun on the slopes.

Enjoy Night Skiing

Once the sun takes its leave, the ski slopes of Borovets come alive with a different charm altogether. Purchase a separate night ski pass and relish the opportunity to ski under a starlit sky, from 6 pm to 9.30 pm.

Admire the Black Rock

Close to Borovets, you'll find the natural wonder known as Black Rock. Accessible by an eco-route, this site presents a breathtaking vista of the resort and is a fantastic spot for a picnic or photography.

Destination Essentials

When to visit Borovets largely depends on what you're seeking. Should the thrill of carving through fresh powder call to you, book your trip around mid-January when the snow is deepest. For summer activities such as biking, hiking, and mountaineering, mid to late August is the preferred time.

Being a year-round destination, Borovets experiences a colder climate with chances of rain or snow. Expected weather during June, July, and August is warmer, making them the perfect months for families or outdoor enthusiasts to visit. Remember that August and January are peak times, so plan accordingly if you're seeking a tranquil retreat.

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