Bulgaria Holidays

Reminiscent of old-world charm and infused with a vibrant cultural spirit, set against the backdrop of majestic mountains and sun-kissed beaches, Bulgaria sits gracefully in Eastern Europe, inviting travellers across the globe to explore her heart. A mosaic of traditions, a treasure trove of history, and veiled in verdant landscapes, Bulgaria offers a diverse holiday experience like no other.

Whether you're planning a romantic retreat to the quaint countryside or a delightful family vacation on sandy beaches, or exploring the historical sojourns with your friends, Bulgaria will stir up a special spot in your heart. From the all-inclusive resorts by the azure Black Sea to countryside retreats that resonate with tranquillity, fun-filled ski holidays in the snowy peaks or a cultural spree in the bustling cities, Bulgaria caters to every traveller and every budget. Ready for experiences that are as unique as their landscapes? Welcome to Bulgaria – a journey of joy and discovery.


Step into an intriguing world of magnificent mountains, spectacular beaches, and timeless cities. From the beach paradise of Varna to the winter wonderland of Bansko, here are the unmissable destinations in Bulgaria that are sure to enchant everyone.


The historic heart of Bulgaria, Sofia, is renowned for its breathtaking architectural landmarks and rich cultural heritage. It holds a blend of ancient traditions and modern energy that transforms it to an unparalleled city break destination.


The summer capital of Bulgaria, Varna, with its gorgeous beaches and a vibrant nightlife, makes for an excellent spot for beach and party lovers. The Sea Garden and the Archaeological Museum are added draws.


Deemed as Europe's oldest continuously inhabited city, Plovdiv charms its visitors with a fascinating juxtaposition of ancient, medieval and modern culture. The Roman amphitheatre and the old town are highlights worth a visit.

Veliko Tarnovo

The medieval capital of Bulgaria, Veliko Tarnovo, is cradled in the Yantra river's meanders. From the Tsaravets Fortress to the artisan’s street of Samovodska Charshiya, the town will leave you awe-struck.


Bansko turns into a pristine ski resort during winters among Pirin Mountains. With its fantastic ski facilities and legendary après-ski, Bansko is the ideal destination for adventure enthusiasts.

Where to Stay

From resorts basking in beachfront beauty to countryside escapes immersed in tranquillity, historical towns to lively cities, here are some fantastic places catering to every traveller's need in Bulgaria.

For a family holiday

Sunny Beach on the Black Sea coast is perfect for an unforgettable family holiday, with its sandy beaches and exciting water sports. Alternatively, the city of Plovdiv, rich in historical artefacts, can intrigue those families interested in learning about history.

For a couples holiday

For couples seeking romance amidst nature, the town of Veliko Tarnovo, with its stunning panoramic views and medieval-rich history, is idyllic. Addition to that, the serene mountain town of Bansko also offers romantic escapades drenched in tranquillity.

For a holiday with friends

Whether it’s to bask under the summer sun by the beach or party till the sun comes up, Varna is a hot spot for friends. For history buff friends, Sofia, with its vibrant culture and historic sites, makes for an appealing destination.

When to Visit

Bulgaria experiences a warm and sunny landscape from June to September, with the Black Sea Coast making for an excellent summer retreat. The mountain regions become a paradise for hikers and nature lovers during this period.

For ski enthusiasts, the winter months from December to March are the best to visit, particularly the mountainous regions of Bansko and Pamporovo. Adventure continues during spring (April to June) and autumn (September to November) as they offer the chance to explore the country’s historical towns and cultural festivities without the summer crowd.