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Golden Sands exudes a special blend of historic scenic charm and contemporary chic, making this Bulgarian seaside resort on the Northern Black Sea Coast a highly sought-after destination for a captivating escape from the ordinary.

With its name reflecting an endless stretch of pristine quartz sand, enriched by landscaped gardens and ancient forest-covered hills, Golden Sands satiates every traveller's yearning for a natural paradise. Filled with various amenities, attractions, and culinary delights, it ensures you're in for an invigorating, memorable holiday experience.

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Things to See and Do

Home to a stunning national park, a rich history, splendid beaches, and a vibrant culinary scene, Golden Sands ensures that there's a fascinating adventure waiting for you, whether you're a nature lover, history enthusiast, foodie, or beach bum. Don't miss these key highlights during your visit.

Discover the Aladzha Monastery

Pay a visit to the magnificent Aladzha Monastery, intricately carved within a towering cliff. This medieval monastic retreat is shrouded in fascinating history and local legends, with its captivating murals and skilfully crafted chambers.

Experience the Golden Dreams Boat

Aboard the Golden Dreams Boat, enjoy breathtaking views of the resort and Varna from a unique perspective. The boat ride showcases a marvellous amalgamation of nature, landmarks, and reserves.

Explore Zlatni Pyasatsi Nature Park

The smallest yet one of the most enchanting nature parks in Bulgaria, Zlatni Pyasatsi takes you through vibrant flora, fauna, and stunning landscapes. Embark on an invigorating walk amidst nature, experiencing a tranquil retreat.

Check-out the Riviera Holiday Club

Luxuriate in the high-end services of the Riviera Holiday Club resort, one of Golden Sands' premium offerings. Offering breathtaking views, luxurious accommodation, and top-notch dining experiences, it sets the benchmark for comfort and class.

Soak in the Ambience at Cape Galata

Experience nature's charm and solitude at the remote and unspoilt Cape Galata beach. If you savour tranquility, this beautiful coastal outpost is a gem waiting to be discovered.

Food and Drink

Golden Sands presents an intriguing canvas for gastronomy lovers. Capturing a captivating culinary diversity within its numerous eateries, here are some dishes you absolutely must cater to your taste buds.

Enjoy Authentic Bulgarian Cuisine

Indulge in some exceptionally flavoursome and hearty Bulgarian staples like ‘gyuvech', ‘banitsa', and 'musaka'. You'll find delightful representations of these classics in the numerous local bistros and taverns.

Savour the Seafood

Being a seaside resort, Golden Sands boasts of an exceptional seafood repertoire. From fresh catches of the day to elaborate seafood diversities, every meal promises an oceanic delight.

Experience Bulgarian Wines

Relish the rich flavours of local Bulgarian wines, known for their exquisite tastes and unique aroma. Recommended locations are beach-side lounges that serve up mesmerising sundown views with every bottle.

Try Local Dairy Delights

With a rich tradition of dairy farming, Golden Sands offers an impressive array of local cheese, yoghurt, and other dairy delights. Make sure to savour the 'sirene' and 'kashkaval', two of the most symbolic Bulgarian cheeses.

Sweeten your Day

No culinary exploration is complete without sweets. From 'banitsa' with filling to 'mekitsi' (Bulgarian donuts), there's a myriad of sugary delights to end your meal with finesse.

Destination Essentials

To maximise your holiday bliss, plan your getaway to Golden Sands during the balmy summer months of June to August when the weather is perfect for beach activities, sunbathing, and sightseeing. The sapphire sky mirrored by the coastal waters, makes it an exhilarating period.

However, if you lean towards a milder climate and prefer avoiding summer crowds, consider visiting in September. The weather is still fairly pleasant for beach activities and the warm water offers comfortable swimming conditions. Additionally, the lowered accommodation rates during off-peak months are an added incentive.


Golden Sands' coastline boasts some of the most inviting beaches in Bulgaria. Featuring pristine sands, crystal clear waters, and well-appointed facilities, these beaches offer everything from tranquil seclusion to vibrant leisure activities.

Experience Trifon Zarezan Beach

Trifon Zarezan beach charms with its golden sand and crystal-clear turquoise water. A haven for serenity seekers, it also offers amenities like loungers, umbrellas and toilets.

Visit Golden Sands Beach

The crown jewel of the resort, Golden Sands beach, is appreciated for its pure sand quality. Recognised as a Blue Flag resort, it provides a plethora of water sports and an exciting aqua park.

Relax at Riviera Beach Free Zone

Boasting clean beaches and a myriad of exciting activities for all ages, Riviera Beach free zone delivers a wholesome beach experience. Stay at Riviera Beach Hotel for a panoramic view of the stunning coastline.

Secluded Romantika Beach

A more secluded option, Romantika beach in Varna's Galata district serves up an unadulterated sense of tranquility. Ditch the crowd and revel in the calm of nature here.

Visit Kabakum Beach

Kabakum is a stylish, well-serviced urban beach located near the Golden Sands resort. Populated by locals and tourists alike, it offers the opportunity for socialising and cultural immersion.

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