Colombia Holidays

Pack your bags for a voyage to Colombia, where Andean peaks meet tropical beaches, thriving cosmopolitan cities stand amid ancient ruins, and vibrant culture and cuisine take centre stage. Colombia's vastly diverse landscape caters to sun-seekers, thrill seekers, and culture vultures. Whether you're a couple searching for tucked away hilltop retreats, a family on an educational yet entertaining vacation, or a friend group diving into a thrilling venture, Colombia rolls out a grand welcome mat. With an array of affordable and luxury options aligned to your holiday type, and an unlimited list of sights and activities, Colombia is a destination to immerse in pure delight. So let's embark on a journey, converting your dream Colombian holiday into reality.


Colombia boasts something for everyone: eclectic cities, sun-soaked beaches, coffee plantations, and more. Let's take a tour through the top holiday destinations in this Latin paradise.


As the capital city, Bogotá houses a blend of fascinating history, vibrant nightlife, and contemporary street art scenes, making it an ideal choice for city break enthusiasts.


Dive into the romance of cobblestone streets and colourful colonial architecture in Cartagena. Combined with scenic beaches and an enchanting walled old town, this city exudes a unique charm.


Once famed for its turbulent past, Medellin is now known for its cultural renaissance, modern metro network, sprawling parks, and pleasant climate, endorsing it as a favourable option for a diversified vacation.

Santa Marta

A gateway to the stunning Tayrona National Park and the magnificent Lost City trek, Santa Marta promises a perfect blend of relaxation alongside opportunities for adventurous hikes.


Famed as the 'Salsa Capital of the World', Cali advocates an infectious music and dance culture paired with a spirited festival scene, making it a lively spot for holidaymakers.

Where to Stay

Staying at the right place, suited to your vacation desires, could make a world of difference. From vibrant neighbourhoods in archaeological cities to idyllic beaches, here's our selection of the best places to lodge in Colombia.

For a family holiday

Santa Marta offers a perfect blend of beaches, nature, and adventure, ideal for a family break. You may also consider staying in Medellin, a city with an urban playground, interactive museums, and expansive parks to keep the little ones amused.

For a couples holiday

Cartagena, with its captivating, historical charm and romantic alleys filled with colonial-era charisma, provides an ideal locale for couples. Alternately, the tranquillity of Santa Marta serves as a peaceful retreat for lovebirds.

For a holiday with friends

Let your hair down in Bogotá with its electrifying nightlife, innovative dining scene, and cultural extravaganzas. For a unique entertainment scene filled with salsa dancing, head towards the vibrant city of Cali.

When to Visit

Year-round sunshine renders any time a great time to visit Colombia. However, the dry season, stretching from December to March and July to August, ensures favourable climatic conditions for exploring. On the flip side, shoulder months may promise fewer crowds and cheaper deals. Tourists should bear in mind that the high-altitude cities like Bogotá might be cooler than the coastal regions, and the Amazon region remains humid and rainy most of the year.

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