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Sitting proudly on Colombia's Caribbean coast, the enchanting city of Cartagena weaves a captivating blend of colonial charm, culture and vibrant modernity. This gem, once known as Cartagena de Indias, has a rich and fascinating maritime heritage while offering contemporary luxuries that make it a high-class holiday destination.

From its impressive UNESCO designated fortress and cobblestone streets to the enticing regional cuisine and beautiful beaches, Cartagena is a treasure trove awaiting your discovery. With fantastic weather for beach pursuits throughout the year, a trip to Cartagena promises a slice of Caribbean charm.

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Things to See and Do

Immerse in a world of wonder as you explore the multitude of attractions in Cartagena. From fortified structures whispering tales of old, to delightful plazas with sweets aplenty, and museums exuding culture, Cartagena is rich in experiences simply waiting for you!

Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas

Step back in history at the Castillo de San Felipe de Barajas. This colossal fortress, built by the Spaniards, defies assaults from both time and invaders alike. Unveil the mysteries within its myriad tunnels for an exciting peek into the past. The fortress is conveniently located near Cartagena's old city.

Plaza de los Coches

Connect with the past at Plaza de los Coches. This charming plaza is a delightful tapestry of colonial arches, old balconied houses, and a statue of the founder himself. Don't forget to sample regional desserts at the nearby El Portal de los Dulces!

Museo del Oro Zenú

Discover the heritage at Museo del Oro Zenú. A testament to the rich cultural tapestry of the Zenú people, this museum displays impressive gold artifacts and archaeological marvels. It's the ideal family outing in Cartagena, with interactive exhibits and guided tours.

Cartagena's old city

Venture into the colonial heart at Cartagena's old city. Satiate your thirst for the past with the old city's myriad attractions, including the Palacio de la Inquisición, Convento & Iglesia de San Pedro Claver, Convento de la Popa, Catedral, Puerta del Reloj, and Iglesia de Santo Domingo.

Food and Drink

Embark on a culinary voyage as you explore Cartagena's delicious food-scene. Dive deep into the city's exciting flavours, where each mouthful whispers tales of Cartagena's rich and vibrant culture.

Revel in Cartagena's seafood delights

Settle into a seafront eatery, and prepare your taste buds for an exquisite parade of fresh seafood, caught right off Cartagena’s coasts. This gastronomic affair perfectly complements the city's beachside charm.

Discover the allure of Arepa de huevo

Relish a bite into an Arepa de huevo, a simple yet scrumptious local dish – a fried cornmeal dough pocket crammed with egg, meat or cheese. Find them sizzling at roadside stalls, beckoning with enticing aromas.

Experience local cocktails

Unwind after a day of exploring and sip on a cocktail invented in Cartagena – the refreshing Limonada de Coco. Or, for a warm Caribbean evening, sample a 'tropical gin and tonic', a true crowd pleaser at any of the city’s trendy bars.

Savour tropical freshness

Bite into tropical frescoes like juicy pineapples, sweet mangoes or creamy avocados, which are abundant in Colombia. Experience them in dishes, juices or enjoyed solo for a taste of Cartagena's sun-kissed bounty.

Indulge in Cartagena's sweet treats

Cravings for the sweet can venture to the plaza's own sweet alley, El Portal de los Dulces, for a variety of traditional sweets, candies and snacks that promise an indulgent ending to any meal.

Destination Essentials

Cartagena, Colombia's crown jewel, promises a rich and rewarding holiday year-round. The best time to head here is during the balmy dry season of December through April, where the warm Caribbean temperatures beckon.

Should you prefer a holiday moment sans crowded attractions, consider visiting during the shoulder seasons of late August through November and May. A tropical vista brimming with beachside activities, historical sites, gourmet dining, and cultural events, Cartagena is an enticing Caribbean getaway no matter the month.


Embrace island-life as you kick back on some of Cartagena's stunning beaches. Each unique in their beauty, Cartagena's beaches range from bustling and lively to quiet and serene.

Relax at Playa Castillo Grande

If tranquillity is what you seek, head over to Playa Castillo Grande for a serene beach day. Comfortable cabanas and delicious fare from vendors roaming the beach enhance your experience at this underrated gem.

Chill out at Playa De Bocagrande

Frequented by beach-lovers, Playa de Bocagrande is brimming with life. Enjoy incredible views and calm seawater, and if you don’t mind some haggling, shop the trinkets and snacks offered by beach vendors.

Luxuriate at Playas El Laguito

For a touch of luxury, revel in the prestigious neighbourhood of El Laguito. With its high-end residential complexes, luxury resorts, and stunning sea views, El Laguito offers a beachfront experience like no other.

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