Dubrovnik Holidays

Welcome to magical Dubrovnik, a city where marbled streets meet shimmering waters, verdant island-studded views await at every turn, and medieval fortifications tell tales of intriguing history.

Perfectly nestled in the heart of southern Dalmatia, Croatia, Dubrovnik's mesmerising charm emanates allure for wanderlust-struck travellers. From its fortified Old Town whispering centuries-old tales to an irresistibly inviting Adriatic shoreline, a holiday in this World Heritage wonder is sure to bewitch you.

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Things to See and Do

From romantic walks within ancient city walls to stepping into magical realms of cinematographic fame, Dubrovnik is bursting with exciting places to visit and experiences to treasure. Allow us to whet your appetite with a few of the endless points of interest in the heart of 'the Pearl of the Adriatic'.

Savour spellbinding stories at Fort Lovrijenac

Eloquently christened as "Dubrovnik's Gibraltar", Fort Lovrijenac is a commanding sentinel of the city dating back centuries. Perched on a 37-metre high cliff overlooking the azure Adriatic Sea, enrich your cultural understanding by delving into its rich history and strolling its panoramic terraces.

Explore the grandeur of the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary

Discover Dubrovnik's significant ecclesiastical heritage by visiting the reverent Cathedral of the Assumption. Its grand interior holding a treasure trove of religious artefacts, and a stunning dome crowning the city skyline, this attraction is a must for every visitor.

Step into a fantasy world at King's Landing, Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik found a new sphere of fame as the stunning filming backdrop for the blockbuster series, Game of Thrones. Wander the very streets trodden by famous characters, upon your visit to 'King's Landing', gaining newfound appreciation of this captivating city.

Unearth bygone tales in Dubrovnik Old Town

The UNESCO-protected Old Town is the beating heart of Dubrovnik. Lined with striking terracotta rooftops and age-old marbled streets, it narrates an exhilarating saga of the city's storied past. Treasure the spectacular vistas from the iconic City Walls for a truly unforgettable experience.

Escape the city bustle at National Park Sutjeska

For a change of pace, the nearby National Park Sutjeska beckons lovers of nature and serenity. Uncover the wonders of the oldest national park in Bosnia and enjoy the serene beauty of Trnovacko Lake.

Destination Essentials

For sun-soaked exploration, there's nothing quite like the balmy summer months of July and August in Dubrovnik, where the city pulsates with activity against the cobalt backdrop of the Adriatic Sea. Though these are the peak months of the tourist season, the vibrancy and energy that envelop the city are worth savouring.

Should you wish for a quieter time with pleasant weather, the shoulder season of May, June, September and October are an excellent choice that promise delightful beach-focused holidays. Whatever your preference, Dubrovnik is sure to create an unforgettable canvas of memories.

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