Croatia Holidays

Croatia, home to stunning coasts adorned with pebbly beaches, an array of breathtaking islands, and charming cities boasting medieval architecture, offers a splendid getaway for the discerning traveller. Whether you're planning a secluded romantic retreat, an adventure-packed family holiday, or a fun-filled jaunt with friends, Croatia truly is an all-inclusive holiday destination suitable for every budget. Unearth ancient Roman ruins, hike through national parks, or while away your days in comfy beach resorts. Whatever your travel style, Croatia unfailingly delivers an idyllic European escape.


From ancient walled cities and pristine national parks to sun-drenched coasts and idyllic islands, Croatia boasts a diverse range of popular holiday destinations. Here, we unveil some of the best spots to relish in everything this remarkable country has to offer.


Dubbed the 'Pearl of the Adriatic', Dubrovnik is an absolute must-see. The city's beautifully preserved old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site encircled by medieval walls, offers rich history and stunning architecture at every turn. Its cobbled streets, Baroque buildings, and vibrant terracotta rooftops enchant history buffs and Instagrammers alike.


A vibrant city-break destination, Split is loved for its lively atmosphere, charming old town, and buzzing beach scene. Don't miss the grand Diocletian's Palace, a Roman emperor's retirement complex that now hosts a variety of shops, cafés, and apartments.


Among the sunniest and most popular of Croatia's islands, Hvar offers laidback beach life, historic towns, and exciting nightlife. Hvar Town, with its elegant Venetian-era houses, impressive Fortica fortress, and yacht-filled harbour, blends glamour and historical charm.


Best known for its well-preserved Roman amphitheatre that still hosts concerts and festivals, Pula is perfect for history enthusiasts. The beautiful coastline of the Istrian peninsula adds to the allure of this ancient city.


Croatia's thriving capital offers delights both historic and contemporary. From the charming medieval old town, Gornji Grad, to the bustling streets of Donji Grad lined with shops, restaurants, and museums, Zagreb suits city breakers keen on culture.

Where to Stay

From the pulsating cities to sedate traditional towns, tranquil islands, and picturesque beaches, there's an abundance of wonderful places to stay in Croatia. Here are a few top choices tailored to meet varied preferences.

For a family holiday

History-rich Dubrovnik, with its old town adventure and beaches, makes an exciting base for families. The island of Krk also offers an enriching family getaway, with its inviting beaches, hiking opportunities, and historical sites.

For a couples holiday

Romantic Rovinj, with its pastel-coloured houses and narrow, winding streets, offers a magical retreat for couples. Alternatively, the sun-soaked island of Hvar offers seclusion, picturesque beaches, and charming vineyards, ideal for creating unforgettable memories.

For a holiday with friends

Split, with its dynamic city life and stunning beaches, is perfect for a friends' holiday. Vis Island, known for its vineyards and secluded beaches, provides a unique location for a relaxing getaway with friends.

When to Visit

The best time to visit Croatia largely depends on the kind of holiday you're aiming for. For sun-seekers planning a coastal or island holiday, peak season from June to August is ideal, with warm temperatures and clear skies. However, this period attracts the most tourists, so expect slightly crowded beaches and higher prices.

The shoulder seasons, April to June and September to October, offer warm, pleasant weather and fewer crowds, making them perfect for sightseeing and exploring the national parks. These periods also bring more affordable accommodation, making them great for budget-savvy travellers.