Hvar Holidays

Hvar, a verdant gem in the Adriatic Sea, boasts the charm of sun-drenched vineyards, olive groves and lavender fields. Holding a rich tapestry of cultures in its historic heart, the island casts a captivating allure that beckons wanderlust travellers.

With its architectural mastery steeped in Venetian influence, vibrant tavern life under a sapphire sky, and seaside serenity on pebble lace shores, a holiday in Hvar promises a revitalising escape from the mundane. Come, experience an island where the whispers of ancient history blend seamlessly with the tunes of today's lively Mediterranean flair.

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Things to See and Do

Dive headfirst into Hvar's rich historical tapestry where yesteryears come alive in the most eloquent ways. Its fascinating landmarks and delightful festivals embrace you in an enriching experience that blends culture, history, and entertainment.

Hvar's Arsenal

Embark on a journey through history at the Hvar's Arsenal. The 14th-century building, with its famed theatre, has stood testimony to Hvar's resplendent past, proving an emotional ingress into the city's theatre arts.

Ljetna pozornica Veneranda

Indulge in a cultural fiesta at the Ljetna pozornica Veneranda. The summer festival, part of the Hvar Summer Festival, promises an eclectic mix of events to cater to every artistic palate.

Fortica Fortress

Savour the panoramic vistas from the Fortica Fortress. The medieval castle, built on an ancient Illyrian settlement, promises a fascinating narrative of Hvar's past and breathtaking views.

Food and Drink

Hvar is a gourmet lover's paradise. With its rich culinary heritage influenced by its vibrant wine cultivation and popular lavender production, Hvar offers a robust palette exploration that tantalises your taste buds.

Indulge in a palate-pleasing tour of Hvar's vineyards

Often hailed as the 'island of wine', Hvar offers a tantalising journey through its acclaimed red and white wines.

Bask in the soothing aroma of Hvar's lavender fields

Bring back a piece of the island's ‘purple gold’.

Sample the rich flavours of local dishes

Deeply influenced by the diversity of its culinary cultures, and revel in the unique gastronomical journey.

Destination Essentials

The most stunning facets of Hvar can be best experienced between the warm summer months of July and September. If your heart yearns for sunny beach visits and vibrant parties, this is an ideal time to visit this 'sunniest spot in Europe'.

For those seeking a mellow serenade of warm weather without the summer crowds, the shoulder season of May, June and early October invites with open arms. Whether the beaconing call is the lure of lush vineyards, serene lavender fields, the historic heart of Hvar Town, or the tempting beaches, Hvar ensnares you into an unforgettable love affair any time of the year.


Hvar, with its sun-kissed turquoise beaches decorated with a frill of pine forest, offers a perfect coastal getaway amidst its tranquil crystalline waters.

Strand Mekićevica

Rivalling the beauty of an artist's canvas, Strand Mekićevica paints a perfect picture for a family holiday. Its pristine turquoise waters offer the perfect setting for swimming and snorkelling, amid the scenic backdrop of its sandy shores.

Pokonji Dol Beach

Looking for a cooler beach experience? Pokonji Dol Beach, a pebble gem nestled near Hvar town, offers crystal clear waters and a safe swimming area.

Hvar's Northern Beaches

Seeking a hidden oasis? Hvar's northern beaches, surrounded by lush pine forests, present the ultimate sand-soaked hideout.

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