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Effortlessly embracing its maritime roots and grand history whilst welcoming visitors with abundant maritime charm, Orebić is coastal splendour at its finest. Set on the picturesque Pelješac peninsula in Croatia, this port town gushes a distinct Dalmatian vivacity across the Adriatic Sea to the crimson roofs of Korčula.

Whether you seek sun-kissed relaxation or cultural exploration, Orebić effortlessly caters to every whim. The exquisite harmony of verdant vineyards, historic landmarks, enticing beaches, and delightful local food will have every holidaymaker saying 'Zdravo' (Hello) to a Croatian paradise.

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Things to See and Do

Marked by its maritime past and celebrated for its stunning natural beauty, Orebić brims with enriching attractions that convey the area's unique charm. From mountainous hikes to historic houses, the region's array of opportunities promise an unforgettable experience.

Sveti Ilija

Summit the Stupendous Sveti Ilija. As Pelješac peninsula's sparkling jewel, Sveti Ilija dominates Orebić’s skyline. Looming 961 meters above sea level, this cherished mozzarella-hued mountain grants breathtaking panoramic views of Dalmatia's islands and the azure Adriatic after a rewarding hike.

Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Angels

Experience Enriching Emotion at the Franciscan Monastery. Perched on a hill overlooking Orebić is the tranquil Franciscan Monastery of Our Lady of Angels. Beyond the evocative sunset views of Korčula and the ceaseless lapping of the Adriatic Sea, this serene sanctum offers spiritual solitude sprinkled with intriguing history.

Captain's Homes

Saunter through Historic Captain's Homes. Dotted along the waterfront boulevard are the grand captain's houses. Today, these edifices serve as poignant reminders of Orebić's seafaring splendour, inviting guests to drift through time and appreciate the town's heritage.


Visit the Vibrant, Versatile Viganj. To the west of Orebić lies Viganj, a quiet village known for its burgeoning wine scene and major water sports, particularly windsurfing favourites. Combining adrenaline-fuelled excitement with the timeless pleasure of good vine, Viganj is a must-visit for the contemporary tourist.

Kapetanska kuća Orebić

Relish Regality at Kapetanska kuća Orebić. Close to the city centre, the historic 18th-century palace of Kapetanska kuća Orebić exudes an aura of grandeur. From the antique furniture to the painted walls and verdant garden, each nook invites visitors to explore with whispers of regal past.

Food and Drink

In Orebić, food is not merely nutrition—it's an expression of love for the land. From grapes tended in sun-kissed vineyards to fish pulled fresh from the Adriatic Sea, every dish tells a genuine story of the Dalmatian coast.

Toast with Terrific Grk

Soak in Dalmatian splendour as you sip the local Grk wine. To savor the taste of the region's rich, sun-baked earth alongside hearty Croatian cuisine, head to local tavernas for a truly authentic experience.

Savor the Simply Scrumptious Peka

Delve into the authentic flavour of Dalmatia with Peka—an irresistible blend of meat or seafood and vegetables slow-cooked under a 'peka' bell. Its unmatchable tenderness and rich seasoning have seen it crowned as a 'must-try' during your Croatian visit.

Relish Fresh Adriatic Seafood

The bounty of the Adriatic has long served as Orebić's lifeline. Marvel at the wealth of shellfish, bream, bass, and more, served with a drizzle of local olive oil and a glass of posip white wine in oceanfront restaurants.

Bite into the Beautiful Black Risotto

The widely acclaimed black risotto is not merely a plateful of food; it's a culinary art. Savour the rich flavour of cuttlefish dyed rice, set off by a hint of garlic and a sprinkle of warming red pepper against the backdrop of a stunning Adriatic sunset.

Get Gobsmacked by Gustatory Gelato

No visit to Orebić is complete without a delightful scoop (or three!) of artisan gelato. Offering a refreshing respite from balmy afternoons, this sweet Italian import is a must-try in the town centre's numerous impeccably-rated gelaterias.

Destination Essentials

Boasting a warm Mediterranean climate, Orebić’s climate renders it a fine destination all year through. However, to enjoy balmy beach days and outdoor activities, consider visiting between late June and late August, Orebić's hot season.

This period witnesses gloriously clear skies, perfect for sunbathing on the golden sandy beaches of Plaža Divna or exploring the historic facets of this quaint port town. But, as always, with warmth comes the influx of tourists. If you prefer a less crowded experience and comfortable weather, consider a Spring (March-May) or Autumn (September-November) visit. Cooler temperatures offer ideal conditions for hiking up Sveti Ilija and with fewer holidaymakers around, it's perfect for a tranquil Dalmatian getaway.


Commingle with Croatia's crystalline coast by exploring some of Orebić's sand-swept beaches. From vibrant hotspots to secluded havens, the region is resplendent with breathtaking beaches that promise an idyllic retreat.

Plaža Divna

Get Spoilt at Plaža Divna: Translating to 'gorgeous beach', Plaža Divna lives up to its name. Surrounded by verdant hills, its pebbly bay offers an exquisite backdrop to a day snorkelling amidst vibrant marine life or simply sipping your favourite cocktail under the Croatian sun.

Trstenica Beach

Drench in Delight at Trstenica Beach: The town's main beach, Trstenica, beckons beachgoers with its radiant beauty and crystalline waters. Its excellent facilities and family-friendly ambience make it a wonderful spot for a day of sandcastle-building, swimming, and sunbathing.

Plaža Orsan

Waltz to the Watery Wonder of Plaža Orsan: Popular amongst locals, Orsan Beach combines stunning visuals with wholesome facilities like local eateries and seaside lodging. Its accessible location and turquoise waters make it an excellent choice for beachbums and water enthusiasts alike.


Venture to Viganj: To the west of Orebić is Viganj, a quiet village known for major water sports especially windsurfing favourites. The beach’s strategic location takes full advantage of Adriatic winds and serves as a hotspot for windsurfing fanatics and kitesurfers alike.

Drušković Cove

Discover the Dazzling Drušković Cove: Away from the city's hustle and bustle, Drušković Cove offers breath-taking views of the Korčula channel. Its charming pebble beach, crystal waters and peaceful atmosphere make it an ideal spot for those seeking an undisturbed Adriatic getaway.

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