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Poreč, a picturesque town set upon the shimmering western coast of the Istrian Peninsula, Croatia, offers an intriguing blend of historical charm and beachside allure that has been captivating visitors for decades.

Surrounded by the azure Adriatic Sea and boasting a deeply rich history evidenced by its ancient buildings, Poreč certainly knows how to make a lasting impression. Whether you’re keen on immersing yourself in captivating stories of the past, yearning for a taste of authentic Croatian cuisine, or looking for sun-soaked beaches to unwind, you’ve come to the right place.

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Things to See and Do

From magnificent centuries-old landmarks to the welcoming vibrancy of its harbour, Poreč offers an array of unforgettable experiences. Unleash your intrepid spirit and explore the rich tapestry that this enchanting destination has to offer.

Relish in the beauty of Euphrasius Basilica

Immerse yourself in the charm of Poreč's treasured landmark, the 6th-century Euphrasian Basilica. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a testament to the town's opulent past and astonishingly preserved architecture. Take a moment to gaze upon its stunning mosaics and grand arches.

Journey back in time at The Romanesque House

Travel back to the 13th century with a visit to the Romanesque House. This historical jewel not only provides a fascinating glimpse into Poreč's past, but also houses the Ethnographic collection, an absolute must for history and culture buffs.

Marvel at the splendour of the Gothic Palace

Set within the old town, the Gothic Palace is a testament to the architectural prowess of the 15th century. While strolling down Decumanus, Poreč's main street, don't forget to stop and admire this iconic landmark.

Explore the ancient core of Poreč

Immerse yourself in Poreč’s well-preserved old town. Follow the grid pattern of the age-old streets, and unravel the layers of history etched into every brick and pavement.

Venture out to Poreč Zelena Laguna

Embrace the family-friendly buzz of the Zelena Laguna. From water to power connections, this popular spot offers a plethora of facilities for a comfortable, carefree visit. Convenient transportation links permit you to hop on the tourist train and arrive in Poreč in just 15 minutes.

Destination Essentials

The best time to experience Poreč in all its glory is between April and October, when the weather is warm, and the sky often a clear, stunning blue. The warmest months fall in July and August, however, these also tend to be the busiest.

For a less crowded escape, book your trip for the months of June or September. This will allow you to enjoy everything Poreč offers but with a much quieter vibe. If a winter holiday is up your alley, keep in mind that January and February could be a bit chilly. However, Poreč's historic charm remains alluring all year round.

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