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Grab a taste of the Adriatic and immerse yourself in the tranquil seaside gem of Rabac. Birthed from humble beginnings as a small fishing port, its evolution into a charming holiday resort is replete with sun-soaked beaches, exciting tourist attractions, sumptuous dining, and cultural events.

With one foot steeped in its rich history and another striding forward towards vibrant entertainment, Rabac promises an alluring blend of relaxation and enrichment. Whether you're drawn by the allure of the Adriatic sun or the intriguing culture, you’ll find no shortage of things to enjoy within the warm embrace of Rabac.

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Things to See and Do

From intriguing industrial remnants to mystical seascapes, Rabac is replete with delightful surprises that captivate both the heart and the mind. Whether you're an adventurous soul yearning for an offbeat trek by the shoreline or an enthusiast of pristine Blue Flag beaches, Rabac satisfies all your holiday whims in one fell swoop.

Embark on the trail to Teleferika

Marvel at the remnants of the historic cable car system, Teleferika, once instrumental in bauxite transport but now an enticing trek teeming with a wealth of wild flora. An exploration of this decaying industrial site rewards patience with awe-inspiring views over the Maslinica bay.

Experience tranquillity at Lanterna Beach

Bask under the Adriatic sun in the serenity of Lanterna Beach, a Blue Flag certified destination satisfying every beach lover's dream. Luxuriate in the beach's plentiful amenities, engage in water activities, or just savour the astounding natural beauty with the sea within your reach.

Discover the heart of Rabac at Rabac Zentrum

Immerse yourself in the palpable holiday vibe at Rabac Zentrum. Relish the clean seawater, bask in the sun on the Blue Flag beaches, explore the rich local culture with the Rabac Open Air Festival, or venture into outdoor activities.

Feast your eyes on Labin's heritage

Take a tourist expedition from Rabac to the neighbouring hilltop town of Labin. Here, delve into an enriching exploration of cultural and historical heritage, enjoy panoramic views and unwind in its quaint charm.

Sail on a boat tour

Experience Rabac waters on a blissful boat tour. Observe Teleferika from afar, enjoy the stunning coastline or venture further towards Venice or Dubrovnik. Regardless of the route, the ethereal beauty of the Adriatic Sea is yours to explore.

Destination Essentials

With its sublime blend of natural beauty and cultural appeal, Rabac is a joy to explore year-round. But to truly soak up the charm of this coastal town, consider a visit during the summer months of July and August. That's when the town comes alive with festivals and numerous outdoor activities complemented by the azure Adriatic sun.

However, if you prefer a slightly less crowded vacation while relishing the warm weather, the periods of April-May and September-October serve as favourable alternatives. During these months, the idyllic weather further enhances the enjoyment of outdoor tours, beach hopping, or relaxed strolls around the town—reminding you why Rabac is indeed a Croatian jewel in the Adriatic crown.

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