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Nestled on the eastern shore of the Adriatic Sea, Split is the second largest city of Croatia and a jewel in the crown of Dalmatia. Founded by Greek colonisers and later a retreat for a Roman emperor, the city stuns visitors with its mesmerising mix of ancient grandeur and modern zest.

As you stroll through the city, its thousand years of history will seep into your soul, while the boisterous spirit of its people invigorates you. From the bustling Palace of Diocletian to the serene Adriatic beaches, Split is a holiday destination that appeals to history enthusiasts and beach lovers alike.

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Things to See and Do

Split, the city of Diocletian, balances stunning monuments from its Roman past with exhilarating modern-day adventures perfectly. Historical excursions go hand in hand with adrenaline-filled water sports, giving you a holiday experience that's both informative and exciting. Let's delve into the fascinating attractions that Split has to offer.

Embrace adventure with Deep Water Solo & Cliff Jumping Tours

Adventure lovers must not miss experiencing the unique thrill of cliff jumping and deep water solo climbing offered by Given2Fly Adventures. Here you can take a daring leap into the clear Adriatic water and create unforgettable memories with your family.

Step into history at Diocletian's Palace

The ancient Roman Diocletian's Palace is an impressive fortress and the heart of the city. Showcasing a vibrant mix of Roman history and modern life with narrow streets, shops and restaurants, the Palace is a living monument and UNESCO World Heritage Site that mustn't be missed.

Appreciate architecture at the Cathedral of Saint Domnius

Visit Split's most captivating landmark, the Cathedral of Saint Domnius. Housing centuries-old heritage under its emblematic bell tower, the cathedral is a testament to Split's architectural grandeur and religious significance.

Delight in the magnificent visuals at the Temple of Jupiter

Another architectural jewel, the Temple of Jupiter, will leave you in awe with its well-preserved artistic facets. Displaying Roman mythology in its sculptural elements, the temple is a cultural treasure for history connoisseurs.

Rejoice in the emerald waters with Split Sea Kayaking

Experience the beauty of the Adriatic Sea with Split Sea Kayaking. As you paddle by coves and caves, Split's shoreline offers you a breathtakingly beautiful sight - a coastal vista that takes you closer to nature.

Food and Drink

Croatian cuisine is boastful of its rich food heritage, and Split, with its coastal influence and Mediterranean climate, offers gastronomic delights that will soothe every food lover's heart.

Indulge in the flavours of Pasticada

This traditional Dalmatian dish of slow-cooked beef stew in a rich sweet-sour sauce is a treat for the taste buds. Savour this delicacy at Split's favourite Konoba Hvaranin to experience local cuisine at its finest.

Sip on Dalmatian wines

Split's balmy climate is perfect for wine production, and the result is a collection of fine Dalmatian wines. Whether it's the famous red Zinfandel at Diocletian's Wine House or the local white variety Posip, every sip promises a delightful experience.

Sample fresh seafood at Nostromo

Freshness and authentically Croatian flavours are the hallmarks of the seafood at Nostromo. From fragrant shellfish stews to succulent grilled fish, you're in for a seafood feast in this iconic Split eatery.

Relish Split's famous Soparnik

Soparnik, a savoury Swiss chard-filled pie, is a must-try Dalmatian delight. For the best representation of this traditional dish, visit Villa Spiza in the heart of the city.

Tempt your sweet tooth with Rozata

A delicately flavoured caramel cream pudding, Rozata is a dessert lover's pleasure. Pair this silky dessert with a sip of dessert wine at local bakeries like Bobis.

Destination Essentials

Split enjoys the heavenly Mediterranean climate, making every season great to experience this coastal city's charm and vivacity. However, to enjoy the perfect combination of pleasant weather, bustling city life, and less tourist crowd, visiting between April and November is quite ideal.

Avoid the peak hotel prices of July by planning your trip in April. However, be aware that travellers on a tight budget might find the high season in June and September a bit overpriced. However, if you're up for experiencing Split's vibrant holiday atmosphere, the peak season of July and August offers everything you could possibly desire.


From sandy bays to pebbly coves, Split's coastline offers a variety of picturesque beaches that promise peace, fun, and beautiful sunsets.

Sun and surf at Bacvice

The iconic Bacvice Beach is synonymous with Split's lively beach culture. With its unusually soft sand and shallow sea, Bacvice is perfect for a family day-out splashing around or enjoying the famous game of Picigin.

Relax at Plaža Ježinac

For those seeking a serene escape, the tranquil Plaža Ježinac offers you a respite away from the busy city centres.

Unwind at Kasjuni Beach

Ranked the best beach in Split-Dalmatia County, Kasjuni beach is an urban oasis with crystal-clear water and light pebbles. Nestled amidst cliffs and partially shaded by trees, Kasjuni beach is a heaven for relaxation seekers.

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