Croatia City Breaks

Croatia, a stunning European gem nestled at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, offers an intoxicating blend of rich history, enthralling architecture, and breath-taking natural beauty. Home to delightful coastal cities, quaint countryside villages, and everything in-between, Croatia is the ideal destination for city breaks that cater to all tastes and budgets. Whether you're planning a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or an adventure with friends, Croatia promises an array of exciting experiences just waiting to be discovered.


Croatia, with its urban charm and natural splendour, treats visitors to an array of awe-inspiring sights and experiences. From mighty historic fortresses and royal palaces to beautiful national parks and thrilling hiking trails, explore the stunning spectacle that is Croatia.

Drift back in time in Dubrovnik at the Sponza Palace

Venture into the heart of Dubrovnik to discover the beautifully preserved 16th-century Sponza Palace. Exemplifying Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles, this majestic palace shares tales of a varied past and offers an opportunity to explore the historical fabric of the city.

Marvel at the wonder of nature at the Plitvice Lakes National Park

Take a day to explore Plitvice Lakes National Park, the jewel in the crown of Croatia’s natural attractions. You'll be mesmerised by the park's sixteen interconnected lakes and the mighty waterfalls cascading into each other, all surrounded by lush wildlife.

Embark on a scenic adventure on the Mala Fortica Trail

Experience the natural beauty of Hvar on the Mala Fortica trail. Suitable for hiking, birding, and even mountain biking, this trail delivers breath-taking views and scenic attractions that capture the true essence of Croatia’s countryside.

Walk around the historical city of Zagreb

Discover the charms of Croatia's capital and largest city, Zagreb. From St. Mark's Church with its multicoloured tiled roof to the vibrant Dolac market buzzing with locals, Zagreb is a treasure trove of culture and history.

Journey through the serene landscape of Rovinj

Explore the cobbled streets and squashed houses of Rovinj, a historic coastal city known for its picturesque beauty, vibrant artist communities and the majestic Church of St. Euphemia.

City Essentials

Blessed with a Mediterranean climate on the coast and a continental climate inland, Croatia is a delightful travel destination all year round. If sun-soaked beaches, vibrant nightlife, and bustling street markets are your idea of a holiday, plan for a visit between June and August. For those seeking a peaceful escape complete with leisurely strolls through national parks and city sightseeing without the crowds, the shoulder seasons of May and September offer warmer temperatures and fewer tourists. Culture aficionados will find the Winter months ideal to explore Zagreb’s iconic Christmas markets and outstanding old town attractions at attractively off-season prices.


Croatian nightlife is vibrant and varied, mirroring the country's cultural richness and diversity. From trendy nightspots in the bustling city of Zagreb and high-energy beach clubs on the Dalmatian coast, to intimate wineries in Istria and live music venues in Rijeka, night-owls of every persuasion will find something to their taste. For a truly Croatian experience, spend an evening at a 'konoba,' enjoying traditional music, known as 'Klapa.' For those in the coastal cities like Split or Dubrovnik during summer, open-air festivals and concerts are a must.

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