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Splashy as an azure wave, and with historical charm as sweet as its sun-ripened Marasca cherries, Zadar on the Adriatic coast, is a Croatian jewel worthy of exploration. As the oldest continuously settled city in the country, it is awash with a rich heritage and a lively, modern energy.

Awaken your senses in Zadar, the “entertainment centre of the Adriatic,” where majestic Roman ruins share the streets with cutting-edge art installations. Radiant beaches, unrivalled cityscapes, mouthwatering Dalmatian cuisine, and soul-soothing music of the sea, all promise an unforgettable Croatian holiday in Zadar.

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Things to See and Do

From apparitions of faith to marvels of modern architecture, Zadar is a treasure trove of attractions. Venture into the past within the curtain walls of the fortified city, marvel at historical wonders or soak in the symphony of the Sea Organ, Zadar is chock-full of rich experiences waiting to entice you.

Witness a spectacular sunset at The Greeting to the Sun

Dedicated to Apollo, the Sun God himself, Zadar's The Greeting to the Sun is a marvel by architect Nikola Bašić. It acts as a solar-powered public light show, mesmerising visitors as the sun dips into the Adriatic, crowning Zadar with the title of having the most beautiful sunset in the world.

Listen to the music of the sea at the Sea Organ

Located on Zadar's western point, the Sea Organ plays music by way of sea waves and wind. It offers a tranquil spot to watch ships navigate the harbour while luxuriating in nature's symphony.

Marvel at the glory of the Cathedral of St. Anastasia

Serving as a silent storyteller of Zadar's past, the Cathedral of St. Anastasia, the biggest in Dalmatia, stands tall in the old town. Climb the bell tower for a panoramic view of the city and neighbouring islands.

Visit the peaceful St. Anastasia's Cathedral

Don't miss Zadar's most monumental building, St. Anastasia's Cathedral. Enjoy a solemn moment within its Romanesque interiors, or take the climb up the bell tower for a splendid view of the surrounding cityscape.

Discover Zadar's historic treasures at the Museum of Ancient Glass

An exceptional display of ancient artefacts, Zadar's Museum of Ancient Glass is a must-visit. Steep yourself in the fascinating world of ancient glass art through their interactive workshops.

Destination Essentials

To maximise your Zadar adventure, the best times to visit are between early June and late September when weather shows its sunniest side. These months see Zadar drenched in warmth and long sunshine hours, making it a top destination for beach holidays and city exploration alike.

More moderate temperatures grace Zadar in the months of April, May, and November. Wandering around the ancient city or basking on the beach becomes even more pleasurable with pleasant breezes, fewer tourists, and more affordable prices. Zadar’s beauty remains consistent throughout the seasons, ready to embrace you whenever you decide to visit.

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