Limassol Holidays

A vibrant city bedecking the southern coast of Cyprus, the bustling Limassol effortlessly juxtaposes its historical allure with contemporary dynamism. The city's rich history, sun-kissed beaches, flourishing food and drink culture, and unmissable attractions promise an unforgettable holiday for every traveller.

Boasting a unique charisma that teases out its past with Byzantine rule, the Third Crusade, and British occupation, while proudly hosting notable centres of education, a bustling trade scene, and inviting beaches, Limassol ensures every holiday seeker leaves with treasured memories and a slice of true Cypriot spirit.

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Things to See and Do

From historical castles suffused with the tales of medieval crusaders to tranquil national parks that bring nature's magnificence to your fingertips, Limassol is laden with unique and immersive attractions. Here's a sneak peek into a few unmissable sights this Mediterranean charmer has on offer.

Marvel at the Cyprus Medieval Museum within Limassol Castle

Nestling within the bustling city centre, the medieval Limassol Castle, home to the Cyprus Medieval Museum, narrates vibrant chapters of the island's history, offering a captivating glimpse into its evolving culture and artefacts from the Byzantine era. Richard the Lionheart's wedding here only adds to its charm!

Embrace nature’s grandeur at Limassol National Forest Park

Indulge in a rejuvenating day amid the verdant greenery of Limassol National Forest Park. With endless swathes of trees and sublime views of Limassol, it's an ideal spot for a picturesque picnic, a relaxed afternoon stroll, or some invigorating nature exploration.

Saunter in the Scenic Molos Limassol - Promenade

The city-front Molos Promenade promises an enchanting walk with art installations and Greek sculptures along the route. The adjoined park, teeming with cafes, playgrounds, and fountains, invites an afternoon of leisurely enjoyment.

Traverse the Historic trail of Old Limassol Port

Immerse yourself in the city's rich maritime history by visiting the old port. Meander through its quaint streets teeming with cafes, restaurants, shops and galleries, each echoing with stories of the past.

Unleash your inner archaeologist at Amathus and Kourion

Discover the ancient Greek cities of Amathus and Kourion that encapsulates Limassol’s ancient roots. The ruins, filled with iconic treasures from the past, provide an insightful journey into Limassol's enchanting timeline.

Destination Essentials

Basking under a sunny Mediterranean climate, Limassol is a year-round destination appealing to every brand of holidaymaker. However, those who lean towards a sunny holiday might find the months from June to September particularly delightful, as they bring warm days perfect for beach-based escapades.

If immersing yourself in the city life and the numerous cultural festivities is more your style, plan your journey between October and May. Despite cooler temperatures, the floral bloom and lesser crowd might offer a unique perspective of Limassol's charms.

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