Cyprus Holidays

Is there a spot that dances with history, bursts with vibrance under the Mediterranean sun, and serenades visitors with a rich blend of tantalising cuisine and heart-stopping beauty? Cyprus would like to extend its warm welcome. Offering holiday-goers a splash of blue from mesmerising coastline, exciting landscapes and a tapestry of cultures begging to be unravelled, Cyprus is truly a treasure box of experiences.

Whether you're a couple seeking solace under the colourful setting sun, a family thirsting for some outward-bound recreation, or friends yearning for varied beaches teeming with events, Cyprus will ensure your get-away-from-it-all break is meticulously shaped into a memorable treat. Craft your dream holidays from our kaleidoscope of budget-friendly offerings – choosing from cultural city breaks, luxurious beach retreats, to all-inclusive resort stays. Any itinerary you pick is studded with engaging entertainment and iconic highlights, guaranteed.

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Unravel snippets of history, revel in breathtaking landscapes, or simply laze on golden beaches – Cyprus offers you a plate full of delightfully diverse holiday destinations. From the timeless stories whispered by ancient Nicosia to the tranquillity that Paphos offers, let’s unveil what makes Cyprus the ultimate holiday haven.


Cyprus’ capital, Nicosia, awaits to take you on a mesmerising journey of its rich history and culture. Discover the unique blend of Greek, Turkish, and British influences as you stroll through its narrow streets lined with traditional houses and charming taverns.


Limassol dances to the tune of liveliness and vibrancy. Delight in the sun-soaked beaches, take a wine tasting tour, or uplift your spirit at one of the city's many festivals.


Immerse yourself in the tranquillity of Paphos. Explore its archaeological sites, bask in the beauty of its harbour or simply soak up the sun on its stunning beaches. You're indeed in for a soothing treat.


A city of contrasts, Larnaca is a delightful blend of beautiful promenades, bustling local markets and age-old archaeological treasures. It's a destination that's bound to awe you with its vibrant authenticity.

Ayia Napa

Perfect for party-goers, Ayia Napa's mix of sandy beaches and thriving nightlife creates an atmosphere humming with excitement and vibrancy.

Where to Stay

Whether it's an action-packed family holiday, a romantic getaway, or a fun-filled trip with friends, Cyprus has a wide variety of fantastic places to stay. From the hustling charm of Larnaca to the tranquil coasts of Paphos, here's your guide to the best places to stay.

For a family holiday

Families seeking the perfect blend of beachside leisure and historical enrichment should consider Paphos. Known for its stunning harbour and beautiful beaches, it also offers delightful archaeological sites ideal for curious young minds.

For a couples holiday

Limassol’s beautiful marina, wine tasting tours of traditional wineries, and breath-taking landscapes, add up to a dreamy setting for a romantic getaway. A blend of beach retreat with vineyard walks makes it ideal for couples chasing romantic sunsets.

For a holiday with friends

If pulsating nightlife and beachfront excitement are on your wish list, Ayia Napa is your playground. Packed with stunning beaches and an energetic nightlife, it’s the perfect spot for a fun-packed escape with friends.

When to Visit

Cyprus graces travellers with a lovely Mediterranean climate, making it a year-round destination. Peak season, from June to August, carries a vibrant buzz attracted by the captivating sunny weather, albeit with higher prices and sizeable crowds.

Milder weather and lesser crowds mark the shoulder seasons - April to May and September to November, offering a sweet spot for those in search of tranquillity.

The off-peak period, from December to February, brings with it cooler weather and quieter resorts, ideal for travellers keen on a stroll down the paths of history and culture without feeling the heat or the pocket pinch.