Protaras Holidays

Gifted with a sun-drenched climate and adorned with golden beaches, Protaras in Cyprus is a family-friendly resort renowned for its laid-back charm. Encased in a cocoon of rich cultural history and characterised by windmill-sprinkled landscapes, it offers a tempting blend of relaxation and exploration.

Whether you're a sun-seeker wanting to lounge by the cerulean waters, a history buff craving the echoes of an ancient city state, or a foodie yearning Mediterranean flavours, Protaras promises an unforgettable holiday. Welcome to your comprehensive guide to delightful Protaras.

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Things to See and Do

In Protaras, you’ll find a world where history and modernity converge, pleasing both the laid-back traveller and the ardent adventure seeker. Immerse yourself in charming villages, engaging family attractions, nature trails and a captivating underwater realm that invites divers to a mysterious sanctuary.

Immerse yourself in the Magic Dancing Waters Live Show

A nighttime spectacle that thrills all ages, the Magic Dancing Waters Live Show creates an enchanting evening with water jets, illuminations, and music. This outdoor amphitheatre in Protaras promises a mesmerising experience that adds a magical touch to your Cypriot holiday.

Explore the Protaras Strip Tourist Info World

Stay in luxury at modern five-bedroom villas located near the buzzing Protaras Strip. From enjoying holistic wellness in the spa to appeasing gastronomic cravings at the in-resort restaurants, it creates an ideal retreat after exploring central Protaras' shops, bars, and eateries.

Discover underwater secrets at Green Bay and Cyclops Bay

Boasting a reputation as a diving hotspot, Protaras invites water enthusiasts to explore dive sites like the Green Bay, offering underwater statues, and the Cyclops Bay, popular for technical diving and commercial diver training.

Venture into the ancient city of Leukolla

Step back in time as you wander through the relics of the city-state of Leukolla. You can delve into the rich historical significance of Protaras, knit together with tales of Demetrius Poliorketes and Ptolemy dating back to 306 BC.

Visit the unspoilt beauty of Cape Greco

Just a quick drive from the heart of Protaras, Cape Greco National Forest Park beckons with beautiful nature trails, encapsulating Cyprus' stunning landscapes in one impressive area, making it an absolute paradise for nature lovers.

Destination Essentials

June to September are the most popular months to visit, boasting hot sunny days, crystal-clear waters and idyllic swimming conditions. However, if you're budget-savvy and wish for a quieter time, consider November when the hotel prices are at their lowest.

Be it for a summer family holiday or an escapade from the winter chill, Protaras, with its exquisite beaches and mouth-watering Cypriot cuisine, is your all-season Mediterranean getaway. The island of Cyprus awaits to charm you with its mix of history, cuisine, and golden sands.


Experience the Commanding Beauty of the Beaches
Protaras is blessed with some of Cyprus' finest beaches, all flaunting soft golden sands and inviting azure waters. Whether you want to relax, explore, or indulge, there's a beach that will meet your liking.

Nisia Loumbardi Beach

Soak up the sun at the Nisia Loumbardi beach, just a stone's throw from the heart of Protaras. With crystalline blue waters, golden sands, and plenty of beachside amenities, it's a haven for all travellers.

Venture to Vrissiana Beach

Renowned for its crystal-clear waters and pristine sandy beach, Vrissiana Beach provides lifeguard services, beach umbrellas, and water sports activities. A variety of restaurants and cafes are nearby, offering epicurean delights for the holidaymakers.

Relax at Sunrise Beach

A picturesque bay surrounded by cliffs and adorned with soft sands, Sunrise Beach is a family favourite. The beach also offers water sports for those looking for adrenaline-infused activities, along with cafes ensuring comfort throughout the day.

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