Czech Republic Holidays

From its magical, fairy-tale-like cities and their rich architectural beauty to its quaint rural landscapes adorned with majestic castles, the Czech Republic is a captivating land of endless surprises. Whether you are a couple seeking a romantic escape, a family in pursuit of animated adventures, or friends looking for cultural experiences, there is an itinerary for everyone. With a myriad of activities, from exploring historic sites to exceptional dining and drinking experiences, be it on a budget or a luxury splurge, the appeal of the Czech Republic extends far beyond its famous capital, Prague.

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A country steeped in history, urban charm and rural beauty, the Czech Republic has much to offer. Discover the hot spots of this Eastern European jewel, from the bustling streets of Tyne Square to the splendid vineyards of Moravia.


Immerse yourself in the enigmatic allure of Prague, where stunning architecture forms a dramatic backdrop to a vibrant, contemporary city life. Famous for its astronomical clock and colourful baroque buildings, Prague will keep you captivated with its blend of culture, history, and dynamic nightlife.


With its engaging blend of historic charm and bustling, modern culture, Brno, the country’s second largest city, offers an array of experiences from gothic cathedrals to thrilling motor racing at the Masaryk Circuit.

Český Krumlov

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Český Krumlov is a haven of winding alleys, quaint houses, and a spectacular castle which features a unique baroque theatre. It’s perfect for those seeking a step back in time.

Karlovy Vary

Home to healing thermal springs, Karlovy Vary is the go-to destination for those looking for relaxation and rejuvenation. This striking spa town is famed for its beautiful colonnades and the revitalising waters within.

South Moravia

For the wine lovers, a trip to South Moravia is a must. Blessed with lush vineyards and charming wine cellars tucked away in the rolling hills, South Moravia delights visitors with its rich winemaking history and culture.

Where to Stay

Whether you're planning a romantic getaway, a family vacation or a solo adventure, the Czech Republic offers a variety of accommodations to suit your travel style. Here are the top choices to make your stay unforgettable.

For a family holiday

Prague’s central location makes it an excellent base for families looking to explore the country’s rich history. Opt for child-friendly hotels near the city's main parks and attractions for an unforgettable family holiday.

For a couples holiday

For the ultimate romantic escape, retreat to the beautiful Bohemian town of Český Krumlov. Its fairy-tale setting and intimate inns make it the perfect place for love to bloom.

For a holiday with friends

If you're travelling with friends, Prague’s vibrant nightlife scene spiced with delicious Czech beers make it an excellent choice. Stay in the city centre to be close to trendy rooftop bars, cosy beer gardens, and nightclub spots.

When to Visit

Deciding when to visit the Czech Republic largely depends on your preferred activities. For those wanting to explore the city's sights and rural landscapes, the mild weather from April to June and September to October makes for comfortable sightseeing. Winter, particularly December, brings about charming Christmas markets, creating a magical backdrop for your holiday. However, if you wish to avoid the busy tourist season while also enjoying cool and comfortable weather, the shoulder seasons— April to June and September to October— prove an excellent choice. Remember, whenever you decide to visit, the enchanting charm of the Czech Republic offers a memorable holiday experience.