Czech Republic City Breaks

From the cobblestone streets of ancient Prague to the charming landscapes of Moravia, the Czech Republic encompasses a story of unity, resilience, and indomitable spirit. Crafted by tales old and new, and brimming with music, art, and literature, this Central European gem offers city breaks like no other. Whether you're a cultural enthusiast, history buff, food connoisseur, or a family seeking an adventurous holiday, your stay in the Czech Republic will be etched with enchanting memories, regardless of your budget.

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Boasting a vast array of UNESCO World Heritage sites, ornate castles, and well-preserved historical towns, the Czech Republic is a treasure trove of tourist attractions. Surrender your senses to the beauty and charm of this captivating land and discover top experiences that will take your breath away.

Discover the grandeur of Prague Castle

Embrace history that spans over ten centuries at Prague Castle, the world's largest ancient castle. Wander through the array of architectural styles in the compound, highlighting the tastes of individual rulers throughout history. Complete your visit by marvelling at the Bohemian Crown Jewels housed within this imposing structure.

Meander along Charles Bridge

Stroll across Prague's Charles Bridge, a masterpiece of medieval engineering, lined with rows of statues depicting Catholic saints. Don't forget to cherish the panoramic views of the city that unfold from this iconic footbridge.

Unveil the mystery of the Pravčická Archway

Revel in the beauty of nature at the Pravčická Archway, Europe's largest natural sandstone arch. Enjoy breathtaking views from the lookout points, but be sure to respect the ban on climbing the structure.

Lose yourself in Liberec

Escape the hustle and bustle of the metropolis in Liberec, a picturesque city nestled amidst a hilly landscape. Explore the grand 19th-century Town Hall, or take the cable car to Ještěd, a peak offering stunning vistas of the region.

Absorb the ambiance in Old Town Square, Prague

Immerse yourself in history and culture at the Old Town Square in Prague. As you traverse its cobblestones, behold dazzling Gothic and Baroque architectural masterpieces, including the Towering Týn Church and the beautiful Old Town Hall's Astronomical Clock.

City Essentials

The Czech Republic is a stunning destination to explore year-round. For warm and sunny weather, visit is during summer, from June till August, when the capital, Prague, truly blossoms. Spring and Autumn months, particularly April, May, and September also offer favourable, less-crowded conditions, blending moderate temperature and clear skies. However, if you wish to experience the spellbinding charm of festive markets in the echos of wintry chill, December is your time to visit. Pack your suitcase any time of the year, and the Czech Republic will always have something special to offer.


The Czech Republic pulses with a vibrant nightlife that caters to everyone. Prague, the country's vibrant capital, is the pulsating heart of the party scene, where ancient taverns coexist with contemporary clubs. Sample a pint of famed Czech beer in a traditional pub or dance the night away at the popular five-tiered Karlovy Lázně club. For a quieter evening, find your way to the vineyards in South Moravia, where wine plays a central role in local culture.

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