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Glistening at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers, lies the charismatic city of Lyon, a city steeped in historical allure, captivating landscapes and world-renowned gastronomy. As France's third-largest city, Lyon is a cultural juggernaut that never fails to mesmerise visitors with its old-world charm mixed with modern appeal.

Packed with UNESCO world heritage sites, enticing outdoor pursuits, and delectable cuisine, Lyon is a compelling holiday destination that guarantees a lifetime of memories. Whether you're a history buff, food lover, outdoor enthusiast, or simply seeking a delightful retreat in one of France's most scenic regions - Lyon is the gift that just keeps on giving.

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Things to See and Do

From weaving through narrow cobblestone lanes, admiring gothic cathedrals, sampling exquisite gastronomy to enjoying scenic vistas – Lyon offers an array of experiences that promise to enthral and captivate. Here are some must-visit attractions in this mesmerising gem of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

Basilica of Notre Dame of Fourvière

Explore the grandeur of the Basilica of Notre Dame of Fourvière: Constructed between 1872 and 1896, this minor basilica crowns the Fourvière hill, providing breath-taking panoramic views over the city. Embark on this historical journey and witness intricate mosaics, soul-soothing choir and, if you're lucky, Mont Blanc peeking in the distance.

Place Bellecour

Discover the splendour of Place Bellecour: Encircled by shopping streets and significant buildings, this pedestrian square is one of the largest in Europe. The sweeping square houses an equestrian statue of King Louis XIV and a statue of the Petit Prince, symbolising Lyon's prestigious history.

Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste

Uncover history at the Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste: This Roman Catholic church, dedicated to Saint John the Baptist, offers a distinct display of medieval architecture. The iconic Lyon Astronomical Clock and the Bourbon chapel are some of the highlights in this historic site, nestled in the heart of old town.

Old Town of Lyon

Get lost in the Old Town of Lyon: Stretched along the Saône river, this UNESCO World Heritage site showcases Lyon's rich past through its tangled passageways, colourful buildings and hidden courtyards, offering an intimate encounter with the city's history.

Fête des Lumières

Experience the magic of the Fête des Lumières: If you're visiting Lyon in December, don't miss the city's famed light festival. The city bursts with light installations, turning the night into a magical light show that enlivens Lyon's streets.

Destination Essentials

The optimised time for a visit to Lyon is during May through October when the weather is pleasantly warm, inviting longer explorations of the city's charm. Enlightened travellers also appreciate the less crowded periods in late spring and early autumn, allowing a more leisurely experience amidst Lyon's splendour.

However, the high summer months of July and August tend to be busier and hotter in Lyon, making it the perfect season to revel in its vivid open-air festivals, sun-drenched terraces, and, of course, the chilling escapade in the Rhône river. Set against the backdrop of clear, sunny skies, Lyon's scenic beauty comes alive in the summer for an unforgettable holiday experience.

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