France Holidays

France, with its blend of captivating culture, arresting architecture, sublime coastlines, and rustic countryside, is an extraordinary canvas of exquisite travel experiences. It's a destination that offers a rich palette of holidays for everyone – from families seeking a 'joie de vivre' getaway to couples yearning for romance in Paris, the city of love.

Whether you are keen to bask under the Mediterranean sun on the French Riviera, undertake culinary adventures in Lyon or meander through the awe-inspiring châteaux in the Loire Valley, France never disappoints. It caters to all types of holiday preferences and budgets, ensuring memorable moments steeped in history, beauty, and gastronomy.


From the cosmopolitan appeal of Paris to the charming rural aesthetics of Provence and the chic ambiance of the French Riviera, France serves a platter of exquisite destinations that cater to all travel tastes. Here are our handpicked favourites.


Paris, often dubbed 'la Ville Lumière', is the epitome of French culture and lifestyle. Providing a stunning showcase of iconic landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame, Paris is a dream for history buffs, fashion enthusiasts, and food lovers alike.


Provence, with its sun-drenched landscapes, captivating lavender fields, and picturesque hilltop villages, is an idyllic rural retreat. Especially popular with families, this region offers a serene charm that’s truly unforgettable.

The French Riviera

Known for its glamorous resorts, pristine beaches, and elegant Belle Époque architecture, the French Riviera is a paradise for sun seekers and the high-life enthusiasts.


History echoes throughout Normandy, from the iconic D-Day landing beaches to the stunning island commune, Mont Saint-Michel. Often popular with couples, this region merges history with beautiful landscapes.


Bordeaux, the wine capital of the world, offers a mesmerising blend of rich history, stunning architecture, and world-class vineyards. Alongside its vineyard tours, the city's vibrant gastronomic scene is a draw for food lovers.

Where to Stay

Whether you are holidaying with your loved ones or catching up with friends, here’s our recommended array of perfect places to stay while enjoying the many hues of France.

For a family holiday

Consider the Loire Valley with its fairytale châteaux and serene landscapes. Kids can soak in history through playful interactions. Alternatively, the French Riviera, with its family-friendly beaches and resorts, could be a sunny retreat.

For a couples holiday

Nothing beats the romantic allure of Paris. A sunset cruise along the Seine or a moonlit walk by the Seine spells romance. For tranquil surroundings, explore the vineyards in Bordeaux or a rustic break in Provence.

For a holiday with friends

The thrill of skiing and winter sports in the Alps is perfect for a group of friends. For a stunning coastal escape, the French Riviera promises an unbeatable mix of beaches, glamour, and nightlife.

When to Visit

With its diverse climate, France is fitting for a visit throughout the year. For a beach holiday or to indulge in outdoor activities, May through to October sees a warm climate across the country. This is the perfect time to explore the French Riviera or the Loire Valley.

Winter months, from December to March, are best for enjoying France's popular ski resorts in the Alps. Remember that popular cities like Paris can be visited any time, with indoor attractions such as the Louvre providing shelter during the cooler months.