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When it comes to appealing destinations where rich history, sun-soaked beaches, and diverse gastronomy converge, the charming city of Nice on the French Riviera takes the biscuit. Snuggled at the foot of the French Alps and flanked by the cerulean waters of the Mediterranean Sea, Nice serves up a delightful blend of sun-soaked luxury and cultural appeal.

Its picturesque streets are steeped in history, offering a variety of experiences from continental flavours of Provençal cuisine to a bustling art scene. Whether you're flying in for a family trip, a romantic getaway or a solo adventure, Nice guarantees an unforgettable feast for the senses.

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Things to See and Do

From untamed landscapes shaped by the Mediterranean climate to architectural marvels that echo its rich history, Nice is a cultural treasure trove. For history buffs, artists, and epicureans alike, Nice presents an endless array of eye-catching spectacles and experiences. Prepare to be captivated.

Ascend Colline du Château

Standing sentinel over Nice, Colline du Château, or Castle Hill, offers a panoramic view over the Baie des Anges. This charming hill, complete with a playground and sports centre, boasts a bell tower with a tiny museum, a cathedral, and a waterfall, making it an ideal spot for a family outing.

Visit the scenic Jardin Albert 1er

This verdant oasis established in 1852 plays host to fountains, artwork, and a myriad of plant species, making it a serene, picturesque destination. Conveniently located between Place Masséna and the Promenade des Anglais, the park is also home to several notable monuments and offers a calendar of cultural events throughout the year.

Explore Nice's historic port area

Castle Hill divides Nice into two distinct parts, one being the port area. Here you can meander through the bustling port, explore ruins of a former castle, admire an artificial waterfall, or climb the reconstructed tower that houses the Maritime Museum.

Stroll through the charismatic Old Town

Also known as Vieille Ville, Old Town is the heart and soul of Nice. Its labyrinthine alleyways lined with vibrant shutters, timeless baroque architecture, and sprawling markets make it a sensory delight awaiting exploration.

Food and Drink

When it comes to Nice's culinary scene, its melange of French and Italian influences leave your taste buds spoiled for choice, offering everything from a modest bowl of Ratatouille to an exquisite plate of Bouillabaisse.

Savour Niçois specialties

From "Socca," a chickpea crepe, to "Pissaladière," an onion and anchovy tart, traditional Niçois dishes are a must-try. They showcase the city's Italian heritage and can be sampled at charming cafes and bistros scattered across the city.

Dine al fresco on the Promenade des Anglais

Along the iconic seaside promenade, indulge in the flavours of the Mediterranean while relishing the picturesque views of the Baie des Anges. Here you will find an array of seaside restaurants and cafes serving mouthwatering Niçois fare.

Sample famous rosé wines

The Côtes de Provence region is renowned for its rosé wines. Explore local wine shops such as Cave Bianchi or Tourrette's to sip and purchase their distinctively light and crisp rosé.

Experience Niçois markets

Venture to the Nice's bustling markets, like Cours Saleya, to experience the city's gastronomic wealth. From heaps of colourful fruits and vegetables to local specialities and artisanal products, it's an epicurean's paradise.

Destination Essentials

While Nice's charm is year-round, the summer months of June to September offer the best weather — hot, sunny, and perfect for lazing on the beaches or taking a dip in the Mediterranean. These months draw in tourists creating a lively atmosphere throughout the city.

For cooler, quieter holidays, consider visiting Nice during the Autumn or early Spring. Attractions remain open, and the area still gets plenty of sunshine. If the Nice Carnival in February or the Nice Jazz Festival in July aligns with your preferences, these would be opportune times to visit.


Featuring a coastline that is a medley of private and public beaches, Nice offers plentiful choices for soaking up the Mediterranean sun. From vibrant city beaches filled with leisure activities to secluded coves perfect for relaxation, you're guaranteed a day of seaside bliss.

Visit the popular Plage publique de l’opera

This beach offers the quintessential Nice beach experience. Located near the city's attractions, it offers stunning vistas, a variety of water activities, and is perfect for indulging in a sun-soaked day of relaxation.

Discover Ponchettes Public Beach

Situated just a stone's throw away from Nice's Old Town, Ponchettes Beach is perfectly nestled between the Opera and Castel beaches. It's a vibrant spot brimming with beachgoers during the summer.

Experience Voilier Plage

Renowned for its sheer width, Voilier Plage is the perfect place to relax, especially for those in search of less crowded corners. The adjoining La Vela beach restaurant completes the package with its delectable Mediterranean menu.

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